Customer Self Service

The Customer Self Service is an online platform developed on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM technology, which enables the secured transmission of information to a company’s customers in order to obtain and maintain a relationship based on efficiency, transparency and loyalty.
  • Improves communication and minimizes response time to customer requests;
  • Renders the relationship with the customers more efficient, providing them in a simple and intuitive manner, with useful information about their own account; 
  • Efficiently manages the upsell opportunities.
  • Generates and sends automatic notifications via e-mail or text message, with information about: promotions, price discounts, outstanding invoices, notifications for different payments / time overruns, depleted stocks etc.;
  • Assures the management of the contracts, invoices and online payments giving customers quick and secure access to their own information;
  • Keeps and offers the invoices and payments history for consultation; 
  • Support for access to relevant documents in the company – customer relation (offers, contracts, etc.);
  • Online platform for communication with the customers (take over questions, suggestions, requests, additional requests of sales or service supply, complaints etc.);
  • Provides the customers with information on the outgoing promotions.