Charisma Workflows enables organizations of any size to build complex processes quickly either by accessing a web browser interface or directly to the user's client system back office. Likewise, the solution enables defining and automating business processes, revision of workflow of activities and automation of activities related to Charisma ERP modules. 

  • Reduces operational costs by removing redundant or manual lead times;
  • Streamlines operational activities through an intuitive and automated solution;
  • Minimizes internal risk due to increasing the control and entering of operational information;

  • Creates new flows only through visual configuration while the effort of additional developments is removed and responds to a wide range of business needs;
  • Provides an updated, real time image of the tasks within the workflow and the execution plan;
  • Efficiently sets up and manages methods of avoiding bottlenecks, including delegating and handling of errors and ensuring the continuity and proper operation of the system;
  • Automates the usual business processes and tasks related to applications;
  • Generates a detailed report at company level

Clients Workflows