Charisma ERP - the main application used by Europharm Distributie

sistem erp distributie europharm

„We trusted that TotalSoft could provide us with a product matching our business, integrating all the distribution know-how acquired in the 8 years of our collaboration, a product to meet a market with…


Pet Product and Charisma ERP

sistem erp animax

Charisma ERP solution was the last seen and at that time we already knew what facilities should provide a true ERP solution. What convinced us? During the solution presentation we began sentences and…


Developing an efficient working environment and customer loyalty

software crm mercedes benz

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps Mercedes-Benz Romania to build a professional relationship with clients, by its ability to respond quickly and personalized to any requests.


Charisma improves the essential activities and ensures the ease of use

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We conducted a market research and Charisma proved to be the most viable and best known solution on the market. Its friendlyinterface is a real advantage for a higher adoption rate of the system, including…


We reached a performance level we never thought we would half a year ago

sistem erp altimex

Normally, a paper-based company increases the number of its back office employees at least as many times as the turnover. We reached a performance level we never thought we would half a year ago. In 2015,…


Charisma ERP - the right choice

soft agricultura rodbun

Charisma ERP was definitely the right choice, being a valuable software and decisional support


Carmistin implements Charisma for Agriculture

soft productie carmistin

The chicken products can be registered directly in the inventory in Charisma, obtaining a total traceability of every chicken lot in the slaughter house.  Because tens of products can result from…


Traceability and automatic reporting with Charisma ERP

soft agricultura agricost

The solution offered by TotalSoft integrates both the company’s and the group’s resources in a single software system (financial, human, material, and the resources specific to vegetal production…


Quality, fast delivery & professionalism

software leasing bcr leasing

“Besides our offer, the most important parts in our area are the quality of the services, rapidness and professionalism we give proof of, no matter we talk about a dealer or the final customer.…


A 33% increase in unpaid invoices collection using Charisma Collection

soft colectare debite regina maria

The overdue invoice collection has increased by 33% compared to the period before the software implementation, mostly due to the process automation and the payment reminder notices sent at specific time…