Charisma Self Service

Charisma Self Service is a fast and efficient communication platform between the organization and the business partners, customers or providers, that reduces the operational costs of the customer service departments, increases satisfaction and loyalty of the company's customers, increases the efficiency of marketing efforts and creates new revenue channels. Over 200,000 partners of financial services, distribution or telecommunication companies in Romania benefit from Charisma Self Service platform.

  • Decreases the costs and the load of the customer and provider service departments with over 50%
  • Increases the satisfaction of the company's partner, regardless of its type by 30%
  • Increases the efficiency of marketing efforts in a direct and non-disturbing manner
  • Significantly increases the company's revenues 
  • native integration with any back-office system (ERP, CRM, etc.), regardless of the company's business area; 
  • using an extremely complex, yet easy-to-use self-care platform, and covering all needs of customizing the communication with the company's partners;
  • automatic and secured access to information existing in back-office and by taking actions;
  • quick informing both by querying the Web portal and via regular messaging channels such as e-mail, SMS or fax. There is the possibility to set automatic notifications on the payment terms or on the renewal of documents and insurances;
  • customizes pages, advertising posters, information and content of Charisma SelfService portal in order to become relevant to the group of persons are intended to;