Financial Risk Assessment

Charisma Financial Risk Assessment is a service perfectly integrated with Charisma ERP and, in partnership with ICAP Romania, provides instant access to financial and non-financial information about a possible or existing business partner.  

  • Reduce business risks - through deep analysis on the financial business partners, from the earliest stages of tendering, the solution significantly reduces the risks of entering into disadvantageous contracts;
  • Reduces operational costs. - Due to the centralization of information and its quick display, through a single click, directly in the Charisma ERP interface, the solution reduces significantly operational costs of the persons involved in the collection and checking of this information through internal contact centres. Likewise, the operational and analysis costs are extremely low as compared to the large volumes of processed data;
  • Provides support in decision-making process - Generating complex and complete financial reports about business partners will undoubtedly provide substantial support in the decision-making process, contributing significantly to the validation or invalidation of possible new business contracts.

  • A unique, centralized database of commercial information and financial indicators. Inquires safe and accredited sources and centralizes them in a unique database.
  • Every minute updated data. The update frequency of information is extremely high, thus ensuring a reliable decision-making base;
  • Simply and effectively structured. Structures information by categories of interest: company profile, insolvency, risk evaluation, credit limit, company history, places of business and employees, shareholders and shares etc.;
  • Flexible access. Selection of content can be defined for each category of user within the same company;
  • Configurability. Access to and use of information are adaptable to the internal process of the user company;
  • Own scoring engine. Represents the informational and parameterized support for an own partner scoring engine that can be applied online or offline;
  • Automatically calculated scoring indicator. Provides the estimation of the credit risk of a company based on the probability of default / bankruptcy within a time horizon of one year. The analysis takes commercial, financial and transactional data and has as result an indicator on a ten-point scale;
  • Integration with third party systems. The system exports the data in a current and generally accepted format, XML, for possible integrations with the internal systems within the company;
  • In-depth analysis of the company under review. Contains security interest, generated credit limit, scoring indicator, sectorial comparison, negative financial indicators, payment incidents, debts to the state budget, etc.;
  • Negative data reports. Includes quick notification of the liabilities of the company to the state, complaints and payment incidents, liabilities of social security, health insurance, unemployment in case of company employees, as well as legal files in which the company is involved;
  • Complete information about the management and structure of the company under review.  Profile, business, headquarters, employees, shareholders, directors, shares, affiliated companies, other relationships;
  • History of the company. Provides a complete history of the evolution of the company, from its set-up until now: number of employees; shareholder structure, capital, insolvency, news;
  • Secure access;
  • Monitoring service;
  • Permanent data flow.

Clients Financial Risk Assessment