Registration Desk

Charisma Registration Desk is a web solution powered by Microsoft SharePoint, designed for the registration and control of all incoming and outgoing documents within an organization.

Charisma Registration Desk supports registration desk activities by:
  • Maintaining electronic records of incoming / outgoing documents with automatic allocation of numbers;
  • Automatic registration of outgoing documents from the organization due to interfacing with applications generating them (Collection, CRM, Repossssion or Legal);
  • Organization of registered documents by classifying them into types of documents, locations, commercial units or organizational structure;
  • Access of the employees to their own documents registered in the system and recovering precious time that would be lost on paper circuit;
  • Tracking the internal route of the correspondence, from pick-up and delivery to the courier company (interface with courier software) until receiving and internal distribution, as well as notification via e-mail of the recipients of the documents within the organization;
  • Initiating workflows based on entries in the registry, while tracking the response times.
  • All correspondence, except e-mails, including internal forms, memos, letters, facsimiles can be numbered and recorded via Charisma Registration Desk solution. More registry files can be defined (with different reference numbers), grouped by document types, locations, subsidiaries or other organizational structures.
  • Charisma Registration Desk integrates with other applications to automatically assign registration numbers to the documents generated by these applications. 
  • Manages the delivery of documents internally, tracking the route of a document, from the reception desk to the destination. Using configurable workflows recipients are notified automatically via e-mail when they receive documents. Users can log into the system and can mark documents as received.
  • The solution can be used by the correspondence department to monitor various specific processes: collection of internal correspondence, its packaging, delivery to the courier company, receiving mail and delivery of mail internally. The application can print specific different courier formats and the software courier solutions can be integrated to automate data processing.