Supplier Contract Management

Supplier Contract Management tracks the life cycle of any type of procurement contract, from its formation and signing until its completion. Supplier Contract Management is an indispensable component in supporting the strategies of the companies running large procurement projects, becoming a requisite both by its features and by its capabilities of integration with any other business software solutions.


  • Reduces costs allocated to contract management;
  • ​Increases compliance and eliminates financial risks;
  • Reduces operational risks;
  • Improves financial management;
  • Tracks the contracts and the related information;
  • Managing the commercial and financial issues related to the contracts, such as: invoices of suppliers, agreed payment schedule, advance payments, guarantees, bank letters of guarantee, status of outstanding amounts or debts for the period, penalties;
  • Controlling the investment analysis and planning process: financing scenarios, budgeting / business plan, cash flow or balance sheet.
  • Management of delinquencies and events occurring throughout the contract (ticket management).
  • Management of approval of payment of supplier invoices (ePayment Approval) by configuring and tracking "Good for payment" approval flows, by defining the roles involved in the approval process and payment terms;
  • Matching the invoices with the payments made and budget cells;
  • Document management - supporting the work with documents and physical files assigned to flows or performance of a contract with the supplier;
  • A high performance search engine for quick finding of the data related to suppliers, contracts, current phases in the performance of the contract.
  • History of contractual relations with various suppliers, helping the company in the decision-making process.

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