CRM - Contact Center

Developed on Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, the Contact Center is an integrated, inbound and outbound communication solution, which provides comprehensive functionalities for any type of business. Contact Center provides the user company a single contact point for effective management of the relationship with its customers and partners. 

  • Provides a single contact point for all types of requests and improves services provided to customers and potential customers;
  • Supports streamlining and increasing of sales;
  • Increases customer satisfaction and retention;
  • Reduces the time allocated to solving of requests / inquiries of the customers;
  • Supports the upselling process.

Inbound functionalities:
  • Provides centralized management of all customer inquiries;
  • Centralizes requests for information about services or products of the company;
  • Supports telesales;
  • Section of opinions and suggestions;
  • Customer / Partner Portal (service incidents, spare parts, etc.)
  • Records leads resulting from telesales activities and web promotion;
Outbound Functionalities:
  • Supports customer satisfaction;
  • Lead generation;
  • Telesales and telemarketing;
  • Debt collection;
Specific functionalities of the business verticals in which the company operates:
  • Retail: deliveries, protocol of goods on consignment, shipping note, service management, guarantees, returns, etc.;
  • Distribution: various inquiries and requests, service management, customer care, deliveries;
  • Financial Services: collection, loan calls (prospects, existing customers, lost customers), agent recruitment, campaigns, delegation and automatic escalation of tasks by workflow, alerts, etc.;
  • Professional services; inquiries, service management, customer self-care etc.

Clients CRM - Contact Center