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Charisma Analyzer - Business Intelligence powered by Tableau Software

Comparative analysis tools are key elements that should be part of the daily life of any modern organization. These tools are particularly important in a continuously changing economy as the Romanian one, where every manager should forecast evolution scenarios and required resources and, make decisions in order to minimize the organization's risks and take advantage of the opportunities arising in a permanently changing market.

The valuable time lost on reports and analysis created or due to lack of communication can be saved with a software solution that shows the financial or non-financial performance indicators in a very attractive graphical view. Thus, the critical activities in the company can be "viewed" as figures and graphics changing in real-time, offering the management the possibility to shape the business strategy and to make the best decisions. 

Some of the customers who use Charisma Analyzer powered by Tableau Software

Charisma Analyzer powered by Tableau Software, the BI software solutions market leader through an efficient implementation and reduced time to adapt to customer requirements, brings major functional advantages, ensuring the highest standard of visualization and data analysis in the industry, but also by transforming the system into a simple and easy to use one, designed for users that are less familiar with BI software.

Charisma Analyzer powered by Tableau Software addresses all activity fields – financial services, retail and distribution, logistics, services, constructions, medical, pharmaceutical, human resources - provides an updated and extremely important support for planning and optimizing the company business processes.

BI software - Why business intelligence

Why Charisma Analyzer powered by Tableau Software

Because we cover all the business sensible areas of an organization through integrated software solutions, Charisma Analyzer is the only business intelligence tool natively integrated with ERP solutions, human resources solutions adapted to the local laws, CRM or SFA solutions, solutions for tracking budgets or solutions dedicated to hospitals, clinics, medical laboratories or drug stores.

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BI software - Business intelligence benefits

Business Intelligence Benefits

Charisma Analyzer is a modern business intelligence tool, providing a consistent image on the organizations performances and evolution in the market context. The flexibility of the solution, configuration of performance indicator, the multitude of display options or data export, the business expertize that accompanies the application, turns Charisma Analyzer in the most powerful and adaptable BI solution for the Romanian market.

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BI Software | Charisma Analyzer Desktop

Charisma Analyzer Desktop

According to Gartner’s study published in February 2014, Tableau Software has emerged as a leader in key categories evaluated by users: usability, functionality, product quality, performance, support, customer relationship, business objectives and forecasts as a provider of Business Intelligence platform.

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BI Software | Charisma Analyzer Server

Charisma Analyzer Server

Charisma Analyzer Server is a collaborative business intelligence tool that is very easy to adopt and use. It is a faster alternative to traditional business intelligence solutions, which are slow and rigid.

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"... In March 2013, the company chose Charisma ERP to manage the retail and distribution activities.  The focus was laid on optimizing the stock replenishment process for a better sales activity and on improving the speed of response to the customer requirements. ..."

Profipet and Zoomania
"... We discovered that we have many inefficient areas, thing that we were not aware of. One can now see all the negative aspects. We managed to eliminate inefficiencies and to achieve competitive advantages. ..."
Cosmin Marinof,
Sales Manager
"... Normally, a paper-based company increases the number of its back office employees at least as many times as the turnover. We reached a performance level we never thought we would half a year ago. In 2015, we will double our turnover with fewer back office employees. Charisma system had a great contribution to all this. ..."
Cristian Iordan,
Senior Managing Partner
Altimex accelerates its business growth with Charisma
"... To sum up, Charisma provides three major advantages: accurate and real-time information, intuitive way to get the desired information and fast business decision making process. ..."
Flori Țuțueanu,
IT Manager
Agroalim distributes with Charisma ERP


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