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Under the 20th years anniversary mark, 2014 proved to be an exceptional year. Not only did we reach the proposed objectives such as financial targets, new launched/released products, latest adopted technologies or exposure to new markets, but we also succeed to win, with Charisma ERP, a global project in the financial services area. For the 5th year in a row, we were nominated the leader of ERP Romanian market, a unique and outstanding performance for Eastern Europe. The interest of the largest players in the agricultural sector for Charisma for Agriculture determined us to extend the package with solutions for livestock and grain trade and completely cover all the market needs. Charisma Leasing integration with Starbyte data services, the online sales platform of the RCA policies for Raiffeisen Insurance-Reinsurance Broker or the  endorsing the ICAP Trade exchange program, dedicated to credit risk management, marked the expansion of the leasing solution towards the efficiency of the customers’ activity. We had a remarkable accomplishment/achievement with Charisma HCM Talent Management, adopted by one of the   oil & gas leaders in Romania to manage the talent of its more than 7000   employees. The international expansion was sustained by the customers’ portfolio enrichment with new verticals such as telecom and utilities and the presence on the market increased from 29 to 36 countries. 



National and international recognition and respect for the company was reflected in a list of remarkable awards, clients, projects and new solutions.  For the fourth consecutive year, TotalSoft ranked first in the ERP providers' top in Romania, being the leader of the services, retail and distribution markets, and ranking second place for the manufacturing vertical.  Our unique competencies in Microsoft technology recommends TotalSoft for developing the first Gamification solution on Windows 8 tablets in Europe, solution awarded with ”Best Windows 8 App Developer in FY 13”.  Our strategic partnerships with CertSign and Synchro lead to completing our offer with electronic invoicing and 4D modelling services.  In 2013, new solutions were launched, such as Charisma Agriculture, Charisma eProcurement or Charisma Billing, and new brands were added to our portfolio (TCE 3 Brazi, Maria Grup, Carmistin, Avivcarvil, Rodbun, TinMar or Repower). Internationally, four multinational groups have chosen TotalSoft for developing and implementing a CRM worldwide platform: EconGas, OMV A.G., ISTA and Daimler Group (Mercedes Benz). Furthermore, the increasing request for project management solutions and services, especially from foreign markets, lead to the rebranding of this business line to TotalSoftPM, brand that concentrates in an unique competency center our entire expertise necessary for successfully projecting, planning and delivering a project.


It was a consolidation year for the company. Locally, TotalSoft is ranked for the third consecutive year as no. 1 ERP solutions provider in Romania by the marketing and research company Pierre Audoin Consultants. The maturity and industry vertical expertise helped the company obtain the highest degree of Microsoft CRM competence, namely Microsoft Gold CRM. The international expansion continued with the opening of a subsidiary in Austria, but also by gaining new strategic projects in Moldova (General Electric, Orange and Coca Cola), Brazil, Spain and Portugal (Deutsche Leasing), Austria (Nabucco Gas Pipeline International, OMV). As a result of the increased demand on behalf of the international market the Software Development division of the company was rebranded - Acollada Software Development supports TotalSoft’s innovation and maturity in custom software development projects, web applications and solutions for mobile devices.


TotalSoft launches a strategy to diversify the solutions portfolio. The company sets up a mobile devices division and launched over 10 solutions available both on iOS and Android platforms. In the same year, TotalSoft signs strategic partnerships with Tableau Software, the world leader in business intelligence technology, with Lumesse, the Europe's leading talent management solutions provider and Lugera & Makler, which will use Charisma HCM as a service delivery platform for payroll outsourcing for customers in Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia and Ukraine. TotalSoft is again ranked as the most important ERP provider in Romania by the independent market research company Pierre Audoin Consultants. Primavera Division experiences an unprecedented increase, surpassing 650 customers and positioning itself as a global project management consultancy provider, while the software development division manages to conclude new contracts with Electronic Arts and Ford (USA) or VW group (DE).


TotalSoft opens subsidiaries in Bulgaria, Greece, Qatar, Serbia, and penetrates new markets by winning projects in Austria, Dubai, Spain and Saudi Arabia. In addition, TotalSoft launches a series of software solutions and new technologies such as Charisma Analyzer and Charisma Cell Monitor (the first business intelligence applications available on the iPad in the world) and the first service for assessing credit risk, Financial Risk Charisma Assessment, developed with ICAP Romania. Also, in 2010, TotalSoft was ranked first among providers of ERP solutions in Romania, according to the market analysis company Pierre Audoin Consultants, and receives the award for "e-First Tier ERP 2009 for the implementation performance of Charisma Alpha Bank.

TotalSoft enters in 2009 on a new market niche – the one of multimedia and infotainment system development (navigation and audio systems) designed for the automotive industry. In the same year, the company starts turnkey software development projects on the French market and accomplishes several local premieres, such as the implementation of the solution MS Dynamics CRM Mobility. The company celebrates 15 years of business and continuous profitable growth. Its business is acknowledged by important awards, one of the most remarkable being the performance award in information technology, granted by Romanian Chamber of Commerce, but also e-Partnership award for implementing OTP Bank Intranet, granted by FinMedia group. Charisma HR becomes Charisma HCM.

TotalSoft classifies in 2008 among the top 10 worldwide information solution providers for the segments Equipment, Finance Lease and Automotive Leasing, according to KPMG study “Software systems for the leasing industry. An international overview”. In the same year, the solution portfolio extends with Charisma Collection. TotalSoft wins more and more external projects and extends its business in Italy, Ukraine and Moldavia. During e-Finance awards gala, TotalSoft wins eSucces award for implementing Charisma ERP system within OTP Leasing.

Thanks to the exceptional financial results at regional level, TotalSoft becomes sole representative of Primavera software management system in Bulgaria, Serbia and Hungary, targeting to further extend its representation coverage over Croatia and Greece. Charisma ERP wins for the second time in line the acknowledgement of IT industry and the distinction "The best software product" during IT&C Romanian awards, thus entering in the 1st tier of ERP solutions' segment. In the same year Charisma Office Automation solution is launched, designed for increasing the efficiency of all office operations.

Following a KPMG audit, Charisma ERP is declared the sole ERP solution in Romania supporting IFRS standards. In the same time, TotalSoft consolidates its position on the external markets, by implementing Mobile Reporting solution in Nokia Germany, the leasing solution in BMW Greece and other various ERP solutions in Bulgaria and Moldavia.

Charisma brand is validated at regional level through implementations in Turkey, Albania, Poland and Serbia. On the local market, Charisma ERP is the top leading ERP solution among the solutions developed on Microsoft platform and wins the excellence award for the best implementation in financial-banking field, through Ion Ţiriac Bank and HVB Bank Romania project. In the same year, Charisma HR division changes its position and approaches the payroll outsourcing services market. AFCEA International Golden Link 2005, International Defense and Civil Governance section, grants TotalSoft the award for the most innovative solution for the Electronic System for Public Acquisitions.

While Charisma ERP makes its first steps on the external market, the HR division launches HCM Portal, an online access gateway for the human resources departments. The company completes the expansion of e-licitaţie system, deemed to be the most complex e-government project at European level. In the same year, TotalSoft is granted with the excellence award for the 10 years of business in Romania.

The expansion of e-licitaţie system begins, becoming the most important implementation of an e-procurement system in Eastern Europe. Following a bid where 47 companies in Europe participated, Portum AG chooses TotalSoft for developing an e-procurement system, thanks to its technical and professional expertise. In the same year, TotalSoft is granted with Microsoft award for the best medical software solution, and Charisma ERP becomes the solution adopted by the leaders in constructions, hotels, distribution and retail fields. During ROCS, the solution is designated the best integrated system implemented in construction field. 2003 is the third year in line of increasing the turnover with over 50%.

Probably the most important year in TotalSoft history, 2002 marks the public launching of Charisma ERP integrated solution, the first Romanian ERP system designed for the management of company’s resources. Launched in February, Charisma ERP quickly receives the applause of the Romanian IT industry during the national award granting for the best integrated system for enterprise management.

In the same time, TotalSoft starts the development of a complex project for the information system modernization of the most important East-European network of medical centers (Poland, Romania, Hungary, Estonia and Czech Republic). During ROCS, IDG Romania grants to the company the Excellence award for the best e-commerce project, for the national system of public bids, e-Licitatie.ro.

The American investment fund SEAF becomes one of TotalSoft's shareholders. In the same year, a local representative office is opened in USA. During ROCS 2001, the company is granted with Excellence award for the management integrated system developed for the press group RINGIER.

Large distribution companies, such as Henkel, outsource their information services to TotalSoft. The company develops the most important outsourcing project in the field of document electronic archiving, which is implemented in USA. In 2000, TotalSoft becomes the most important implementer and developer of turnkey software solutions for retail and distribution industries. The company accumulates a significant know-how regarding the operational needs of the Romanian and multinational companies and understands the lack of flexible, easy to install and use solutions for the management of an enterprise's resources. Professional development teams and business analysts work to design an ERP system tailored for the Romanian market.

After only 1 year from launching, Charisma HR is granted with the award for the best human resources software solution in Romania, during CERF ’99. The company becomes a founding member of ANIS, Asociaţia Naţională a Întreprinderilor de Software (The National Association of Software Enterprises) in Romania, where it proposes, among others, to promote the image of the Romanian software industry on the international markets.

1998 is a milestone year in positioning the company on the Romanian market, by launching Charisma HR&Payroll system. In the same year the Rational Unified Process methodology is internally implemented. During the most important national software event, CERF ’98, TotalSoft is awarded for the best project management solution, Primavera.

TotalSoft offers the first integrated and distributed project management system, developed and implemented in 40 Conel sites. Also, the software integration for assisted design (CIMS – Ludan, Israel) and the development of first software package, Execution Technologies, begin.

Primavera Inc. designates TotalSoft as the partner with the most rapid growth in the world. In the same year, TotalSoft begins the first software developments for the external market – SNDC, Belgium. In the same year, the service activity extends to optic fiber network installations.

TotalSoft becomes authorized distributor for Primavera Systems, Inc., Rebis, Inc. and Microsoft. The company develops the first software application in medical field and provides networking and service for more than 500 computers.

TotalSoft is founded, at the initiative of 6 IT professionals


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