Dental practice

The system workflow overlaps with the entire patient's journey within the medical unit as well as with the operational and reporting activity of the dental practice:

  • records the Patient’s Dental Status and marks the medical conditions encountered at the tooth level;
  • records the Patient's Treatment Plan, according to his dental status;
  • can register one or more treatment plans, having multiple pricing options and the ability to mark one of these plans as final;
  • records and manages the doctor's recommendations for other dental treatments.
  • can make online appointments through a simple and easy-to-use interface;
  • since the appointment, the patient knows how much he has to pay or if he/she has an existing contract with the practice;
  • receives confirmations and reminders about appointments via email, phone or SMS;
  • has access to its medical history (patient's electronic file).
  • records patients in a unique database at the dental practice, according to the legal specifications in force: date and time of registration, ID data, assigned doctor, presentation mode, dispensing doctor, disease history, allergies, diagnostics, etc;
  • performs cashing, via tax receipt or invoices;
  • monitors the situation of the dental practice with the help of the dashboard: programmed patients, current patients in the clinic, open presentations, cash receipts, etc;
  • follows the percentage of the treatment plan made on the basis of patient services.
  • Follow patient request for analysis.
  • generates, manages and saves execution contracts or recommendation;
  • defines pricing policies based on fixed price or percentage;
  • generates purchase bills and allows integration with any other accounting or ERP system;
  • calculates commissions based on configurable algorithms, taking into the price list or the preferential price established by the contract;
  • ensures the management of all contracts and insurance concluded with physical or legal persons: subscription type contracts; payment type at delivery service; type of occupational medicine; non-standard which allow the introduction of several contractual clauses;
  • ensures the import of the subscribed list into the application directly from excel;
  • automatically identifies the contracts on which invoices are to be issued for customers;
  • enables integration with the cash-registers;
  • ensures the printing of receipt slips.
  • generates a wide range of statistical, operational and managerial reports, including reports compatible with SIUI (Unic Integrated Information System) regarding the settlement with health insurance houses;
  • automatically retrieves medical results from external computer systems using HL7 communications protocols. This protocol is built on multiple levels, allowing for further expansion of functionalities;
  • is interfaced with information systems of medical authorities and regulatory bodies in the medical field (SIUI, National Health House, Ministry of Health, etc.) at the level of nomenclatures of medical services, medication, etc.
  • can manage dental office specific names (dental office structure, services, prices, doctors, packages, contracts, medical dictionaries, consultation templates, etc.);
  • can use the application on a single computer, on a computer network in a single location, or on a multi-location, interconnected and using a single data source;
  • can configure differentiated access in the application based on user and specific rights.