Personal Virtual Assistants (Chatbots) - the new trend in the HR Software Solutions Market

TotalSoft, one of the most important providers of software business solutions in Central Europe, part of the Logo Group since 2016, announces the expansion of investments in the Chatbots Software Technology dedicated to the HR Departments.

According to international studies, 80% of the employees use at least one Professional Text Messaging Application. More, 89% of consumers prefer to receive support from companies through text messages. Over 145 billion text messages are sent every day globally. Currently, Messaging Applications are the most widely used smartphone features and represent the most popular form of communication.

In this context, TotalSoft is developing an Automated Text Messaging Application, Chatbot, to help HR departments increase their productivity. The application will use Machine Learning to simulate human conversation based on the characters entered in the chat interface. One of the differentiators is that the transmission of messages to the "new virtual assistant" can be done using any communication platform: Facebook Messanger, Skype, WhatsApp, Slack, etc.

“HR chatbots transform the employee's experience. We can see an increased appetite for the adoption of chatbot applications among companies. Not only do chatbots increase the efficiency of the workforce and reduce the costs, but they also contribute to delivering better experiences for employees. All these are possible due to the development of Machine Learning Technology, "said Mihai Găvan, HCM Global Sales Director at TotalSoft.

Maintaining these innovation trends, TotalSoft announces the introduction of the "paperless" concept for the HR departments to streamline processes and simplify the workflow. Therefore, when a candidate becomes an employee, the signing of the employment contract by both parties is done using the electronic signature, eliminating any printed documents. From the candidate's point of view, the process is very simple and involves a few clicks following a notification received via email. The employment contract signed electronically by both parties has the same legal value as the physical signature. This functionality can be replicated for all the documents managed by the Human Resources department and completes the digitization process provided by the Charisma HCM platform.

Charisma HCM is the first Romanian software system that provided an HR self-service solution for employees (2004) and an integrated solution for talent management and personnel evaluation (2011), as well. Through its specific modules, Charisma HCM integrates HR operational activity (Employees Management, Payroll, Time Tracking, Self Service, Document Management), with those of Recruitment and Selection, Training and Development, Performance Management, Advanced Business Analysis and Reporting (BI).
The main HR processes that benefit from the Personal Chatbot Assistant Technology
The employee's relationship with the HR department can be stressful due to the repeated administrative requests which, although they are simple to solve, require time for both parties. A Personal Chatbot Assistant can be a friendly interface that responds quickly to questions such as time management, certificates issue and other standard HR documents, personal data management, internal procedures or access to colleagues' contacts.
Therefore, information related to the number of vacation days or the submission of a new vacation application, whether it's a holiday, medical leave, unpaid leave or leave resulting from a special event such as the birth of a child or a wedding, but also everything related to "work from home" approvals, are one click away.
Moreover, with the help of a personal assistant chatbot, the documents can be issued automatically and fast, based on a standard form, receiving even the registration number when the documents are sent by email to the applicant. Even personal data from the employment contracts can be verified and updated through a brief discussion with a chatbot.
Although it seems hard to believe, now it is very easy to solve all these problems by sending simple messages to a virtual assistant with whom you can connect using any communication platform: Facebook Messanger, Skype, WhatsApp, Slack, etc. The solution is in line with market trends and will be increasingly appreciated by the generations now making their debut on the labor market.