Charisma ERP system implemented for Deutsche Leasing in North America

TotalSoft, one of the leading ERP and financial solutions providers internationally, part of innovative software company Logo Yazılım A.Ş (Logo) and one of the top 10 global leasing software providers, has finalized the implementation of Charisma ERP for Deutsche Leasing in USA and Canada.

In 2014, Charisma was chosen by Deutsche Leasing AG as its standard ERP solution, to be implemented in 22 countries worldwide. Thus far, asside from USA and Canada, the implementation was completed in Austria, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Poland and France, and is underway in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania and China.

“We are happy to have finalized the implementation on an important international market for our client, Deutsche Leasing. The chosen software is a standardized, unified and flexible product that helps streamline resources, improve profitability and operations, and keep customers satisfied. We are glad to further consolidate our long-term strategic partnership and we look forward to the upcoming implementations in the other countries where Deutsche Leasing is present”, stated Laurentiu Mavrodin, Charisma Financial Services Implementation Manager, TotalSoft.

Deutsche Leasing has opted for a Charisma ERP-based software infrastructure, along with complementary applications such as document management, BI, Alerter, self-service, and web-leasing. The solution supports the entire life cycle of a leasing contract - from initial offering, through payment installments, to the end of the contract, including the remarketing of the asset. 

TotalSoft is ERP market leader and one of the few end-to-end service providers in Romania, as well as one of the top 10 global providers of software solutions for the leasing industry. Charisma ERP has relevant references in nine industries: financial services, retail, distribution, production, construction, agriculture, energy, medical, and services.
TotalSoft was acquired in autumn last year by Logo Yazılım A.Ş, the largest independent software provider in Turkey, as part of its strategy to further expand into international markets.