Receipt and inventory

Charisma Retail Mobile Tool is a receipt and inventory solution using mobile devices based on the technology of bar code readers. The solution integrates natively with Charisma ERP system and ensures efficient monitoring and management of stocks of a retail company, regardless of the number of locations, products, suppliers etc.

  • Reduces operational costs. Receipt and inventory processes are more streamlined;
  • Streamlines the activity of the store: received products become available for sale more quickly, the inventory duration is optimized;
  • Increases operational effectiveness; Allows automation of tasks related to inventory (data collection, performing calculations, making registrations);
  • Ensures data security;
  • Removes erroneous data records as compared to entering the data directly into the computer. 
  • Performing the receipt with mobile devices with bar code readers; The receipt process follows a standard work flow: records the note of supply from Charisma back-office (BOS), automatically creating NIR, selecting the store / management, scanning the bar codes and filling in automatically the quantity received at NIR level;
  • Making the inventory with the help of mobile devices equipped with bar code readers, which allows the inventory to be performed in full or in part;
  • Allows checking of labels of products, identifying erroneous tags and streamlines the re-labelling process.