In my opinion, Charisma HCM is well suited to large companies because it is custom tailored. The main advantage of the application is the information that can be accessed anytime and can take any form you want.

- Mona-Lisa JORASCU
HR& Payroll Manager

Auchan is one of the largest retail companies in the world, with active presence in 12 countries, through its four divisions: hypermarkets, supermarkets, the Immochan shopping centers and Accord bank. In 2010, the group has reached 616 hypermarkets and 759 supermarkets and a turnover of 42.5 billion euros.

In Romania, Auchan’s hypermarket segment was launched in 2006 by opening the first store in Bucharest. In 2012, Auchan has already reached a total of nine stores, 145 million euros turnover, 4,200 employees and a territorial presence in 8 cities of the country. The expansion plans require the network to reach 15 stores and a number of about 8,000 employees by 2015.

Considering the expansion of the Group in Romania, Auchan sought a solution to support specific activities of the HR payroll and personnel department. Charisma HCM was chosen for many reasons: the system functionalities covered the group’s needs while references from major players in the retail industry testified that TotalSoft’s solution could scale to any business size.

In Auchan, the HR department includes 28 people; yet, the work is decentralized. Thus, the salaries are managed by the headquarters, while the personnel administration is assigned to 2-3 HR people in each supermarket. Their activity is supported by Charisma HCM timesheet module and provides information on hours worked in the store directly through a card reader.
Like any multinational company, Auchan delivers an annual report to the group. This reporting feature is also included in TotalSoft’s solution and focuses on performance, cost, profitability and efficiency indicators. This analysis is added to another detailed one, but internal, on different criteria requested by the management team in Romania.
Under such conditions, processing HR data in order to obtain performance indicators consumed much time and effort and involved many HR specialists, the only ones who had an overview of the effort allocated to human resource management.
In 2011, the reporting activities could last up to 1-1,5 weeks.” Mona Lisa-JORASCU, HR&Payroll Manager, Auchan Romania.

Since the entire HR & Payroll activity of Auchan Romania was managed through Charisma HCM, TotalSoft was asked to complement the existing software system to support the business intelligence reporting. By implementing Charisma HR Analyzer, a solution developed on the best available technology in the field (Table Software), Auchan obtained the integration with the HR & Payroll solution and could automatically retrieve for a complete picture of the dynamics of the company’s staff: salaries, personal data , barcode readers, timesheet systems and performance evaluations.

Basically, the settings made by TotalSoft allow all fields in Charisma HCM to be used in the HR department’s BI system so that specialists can create reports, with simple drag & drop actions.
During the the implementation phase of the project, TotalSoft created a list of standard annual reports required by the group, but also a set of monthly reports required by the management team in Romania.
These reports are updated automatically, and final information is available at any time, without the need to gather, compile or check any other data. I know that errors cannot occur because the two applications are seamlessly integrated and the information retrieval process is not mediated by a third-party. “ says Mona Lisa-JORASCU, HR&Payroll Manager, Auchan Romania.

“If I want to see what the cost of my salary was in a year or more, I just open Charisma Analyzer and select the appropriate field. It draws the necessary information from the HR data base it processes it and provides the desired result. If before such analysis required the generation and compilation of at least 12 reports and had a high error risk, now the information is immediately available without any human intervention.” Mona Lisa-JORASCU, HR&Payroll Manager, Auchan Romania.

Charisma Analyzer did not only gain time and provide accurate information, but is also provided a real support for the decision makers. The solution is available both in desktop and web versions, and any employee who is entitled to access the application may benefit from these analyzes.
The group reporting is very easy to perform – the company uses a set of standard indicators regularly updated in the web interface, which can be transmitted at any time to the headquarters. For Romania, TotalSoft developed a set of standard monthly reports with the help of which users can create an unlimited number of analyzes, according to their specific needs.
Performance indicators, for example, are determined on different dimensions: the categories of employees (managers, employees, directors) or changes within certain job families. The recorded performance is displayed according to its FTE equivalent (full-time equivalent).
As the solution gets more and more used, ideas regarding additional developments, analysis and reports arise.
“If we compare with our colleagues in other countries, where the HR departments have more than 10 employees at the headquarters, with just a few people we are able to meet all expectations due to this software solution that saves us a lot of manual labor.” Says Mona Lisa-JORASCU, HR&Payroll Manager, Auchan Romania.
Case study revised in 2012.