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TotalSoft ranks no.1 in the Romanian ERP providers top for the fifth year in a row

Bucharest, December 17, 2014

TotalSoft, the Charisma ERP system provider, ranked first place among the Romanian ERP solutions providers, according to “ERP Romania 2014. Analysis and trends of the ERP software products and related services” study published by Pierre Audoin Consultants, the Market Research and Consultancy Company.
Eugen Schwab-Chesaru, PAC Director for Romania and Eastern Europe, noticed that „due to the integrated operating mode (licenses, maintenance, consultancy services, implementation and training), TotalSoft was in 2013, for the fifth year in a row, the company having a 15% market share and ranking the first in the PAC top for software and IT services related to ERP systems in Romania. Dominating the trade and services companies sector, TotalSoft managed to preserve its income earned in the previous year and to improve its already high market share, during a complicated year such as 2013.”
The study outcomes indicate a 15% increase in TotalSoft’s market share considering the overall ERP market decrease with 4.1%, mainly because of the public sector’s barriers. The company succeeded to remain the first provider in industries like retail (36% market share) or services (25% market share). 
With 25M euro turnover in 2013, out of which over 18,8M euro generated by providing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions on the Romanian market, TotalSoft stands out as a leader of the Romanian ERP providers, for the fifth year in a row. This distinction recognizes one more time TotalSoft as the most renowned ERP producer in CEE. TotalSoft was also the only enterprise software provider to receive the first place certification in Romania.
TotalSoft’s strategy for the local market begins to take shape in the international environments as well. Thus, Charisma Leasing Management is already one of the worldwide top leasing solutions, being selected as standard group solution by many financial groups in the world.
”For the next five years, our goal is to become an important global leader on the financial services software market and to include in our portfolio the biggest financial groups in the world. We are not referring only to the product’s quality but to a critical mass of extremely well prepared business analysts, consultants, project managers and implementers, who demonstrated during complex projects that the software solutions designed in Romania are the best” stated Hans Kort, International Sales Director, TotalSoft.
According to the PAC estimations, a moderate increase on the Romanian ERP solutions and related services market is expected in 2015, from 102.2M euro to 106M euro. On a medium term, PAC appreciates that the changing market needs will determine a market growth by around 50%, up to 147.6M euro.  The main factors influencing this evolution will probably be the public administration adaptation to the European requirements, the growing demands of the foreign companies to work with business partners with aligned software solutions, as well as a local management willing to use ERP systems that offer a better financial control and transparency.
Charisma ERP is the best-selling integrated information system in the mid-market segment in Romania. Its customer portfolio includes more than 1,000 companies and it is implemented in 29 countries in Europe, Middle East, South America, Asia and Africa. Currently, it supports the operations of the most powerful organizations in areas such as distribution, retail, sales and purchasing, manufacturing, transportation, medical-pharmaceutical, construction or services.
About “ERP Romania 2014. Analysis and trends of the ERP software products and related services” study 
“ERP Romania 2014. Analysis and trends of the ERP software products and related services” study, annually realized by Pierre Audoin Consultants is an organized and recognised effort to present information about target markets, trends, customers and top providers within the software industry. Under the study design, all the local software companies are analyzed and classified. 

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