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TotalSoft provides tools for capturing the sales opportunities in the online networking environments

Bucharest, June 4, 2010

TotalSoft, the software regional developer, part of Global Finance group, announces that it will include Social Networking Accelerator in its solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM for tracking online networking efficiency in the sales operations. "Sales 2.0" approach applied on collaboration and networking platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Plaxo or Facebook provides organizations with the possibility to accelerate the sales process and to improve the customer experience.

Due to the explosion of Romanian professional groups that use the networking in order to turn the online networking into a revenue source, TotalSoft provides Social Networking Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions. This system offer the organizations the ability to listen more carefully to consumer needs, analyze more accurately the market trends and respond more quickly with products and services tailored to these needs. Social Networking Accelerator enables the organizations to integrate networking platforms into their internal processes for the analysis of market trends and to perform extremely efficient marketing campaigns, adapted to consumer profile. Thus Accelerator is added to the other features used by TotalSoft customers on CRM platform: Call Center, Collection, Legal, Sales and Marketing, Ticketing.
"Online represents a business environment that is completely separate from the traditional environment and should not affect in any way the traditional sales or promotion approaches. Networking platforms are collaborative, open environments with demanding and pragmatic opinion leaders. Listening to the desires or shortcomings perceived in personal, individual discussions between various social categories provide organizations with valuable information for the marketing teams that are responsible for adapting the products or services, said Daniel Ionescu, Strategy Manager at TotalSoft.  
Consumer profiling based on preferences or casual chats becomes extremely easy for a company that uses profiling tools integrated with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems. By using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, a company can radically improve its relationship with customers. Tracking the efficiency of the sales team, adopting and developing customer-oriented internal processes, understanding the market trends or using a single voice in the relationship with the customer - are basic elements in increasing the company's agility.

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