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Why Charisma HCM Talent Management

Charisma HCM Talent Management is the result of many years of experience gained by supporting companies in the capitalization of human capital. We managed to combine advanced features with vertical expertise, so that Charisma HCM Talent Management would ensure a unique experience for all users.

  • The solution modules are natively integrated with Charisma HCM;
  • The solution provides flexible support for both individual and organizational competency management;
  • Allows instant access to information about global, national or functional business skills and provides users with advanced analysis and reporting features;
  • Quick and easy access via the Internet to the solution, which is fully internationalized into over 50 languages;
  • Allows secure storage of information, strictly controlled access and configurable workflow with an intuitive navigation.

Main value

  • Streamlines and simpifies complex internal processes; 
  • Streamlines organizational processes covering multimple locations or departments;
  • Reduces operational costs and increases the efficiency of the employees; 
  • Increases the performance indicators' visibility;
  • Increases customer loyalty;
  • Increases the agility and competitiveness of the company;
  • Contribuie la crearea unui mediu de lucru colaborativ, focalizat pe satisfacerea nevoilor partenerilor de afaceri.

Management value

  • Provides key reports and analysis for executives to run business;
  • Reports with the ability to go from high level to low level detail;
  • Comprehensive insight from all departments and systems;
  • Provides executive dashboards, on-spot quick facts and real-time notifications.

Employee value

  • Clean and friendly user interface;
  • Commonly performed tasks can be automated;
  • Can provide data from other applications and sources;
  • Can access various reports from the same interface;
  • Provides technical support directly from the application interface;
  • Provides development methods and tools for business flows and entities directly from the application.

Cost value

  • Ease of updating and development of the future business needs;
  • Consistent integration of information between departments or different teams with different attributes and rules;
  • Training and technical support for admins.


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