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HR Reports with Charisma Analyzer

With Charisma HR Analyzer you can dynamically create and track a series of human resources performance indicators.

Staff assessment
Identify staffing trends, roations or promotions:
  • The staff assessment report includes global information on staffing trends, with the possibility to conduct in-depth analyses on departments and time periods according to HR changes, employments or business interruptions;
  • Additionally, performance indicators can be grouped on several dimensions: employee categories (managers, executives, auxilliary support) or leaves from certain job families. The performance level is displayed according to FTE equivalent.

Succession Planning
Anticipate personnel gaps for key positions in your company:
  • The succession plan is a serious option for companies to ensure healty continuity among critical positions. Monitoring and cross-analysis of the retention risk for critical positions can now be easily done by HR professionals and managers;
  • The visual analysis helps to identify risk areas where the company would lose a considerable number of employees. The report displays all
    employees grouped according to age and number: groups with very few older members must be targeted to develop succession plans to reduce the risk associated with the positions.

Workforce planning
Use data to create HR policies:
  • HR policies have a strong influence on the morale and retention of employees, so it is very important that decisions are taken based on data, which calibrates planning and labor for maximum results;
  • The report makes presumptive scenarios and analyzes the impact on the number of employees who are below a retirement target. Profiles in the bottom area provide a complementary overview, namely the distribution on departments of the employees with cetain remaining years of activity. You can also simulate different situations to obtain a better understanding of the effects of possible policies on retirement in the company.


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