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360 Degree Feedback

Comparing self assessments with external perceptions from relevant stakeholders in an employee‘s working environment is a powerful and objective way to drive development and improve performance. 360 Degree Feedback module creates balanced, individual assessments of potential, strengths and needs, building great pipelines of experts and leaders.

360 Degree Feedback helps individuals become more aware of their behaviors and actions. It helps them to channel their focus on building upon personal strengths and on improving areas requiring development. Feedback is tracked via multi-sourced, confidential assessments from all relevant sources, including supervisors, peers, subordinates, partners or customers.

360 Degree Feedback is another key component of Charisma HCM Talent Management. It supports key Talent Management processes such as Career & Succession planning by identifying strengths and development needs in people who are ready for leadership positions or other critical organizational roles.

The advanced features of the module ensure objectivity and clarity and helps ensure a high-performance culture with well planned development paths for talent within your organization.

The module provides clarity and promotes objectivity regarding personal development and performance improvement. It is an essential tool for the maximization of employee performance based on internal and external feedback.

Financial and operational benefits

Drives changes

360 Degree Feedback provides a fully rounded view of the strengths and needs of every individual in a clear, comprehensive and confidential manner. Balanced and reliable information fosters positive behavioral change and directly supports highly personalized development. 

Creates configurable processes
Automates processes to collect 360 degree feedback, from creating questionnaires, selecting providers and collecting feedback from internal and external stakeholders, to results analysis and individual coaching programmes.
Empowers people
Supports employees in selecting appropriate participants by easily selecting the feedback sources to include in 360 Degree programmes.
Comprehensive evaluation. The solution sources full internal and external feedback, including self assessments, subordinates, team members, peers, customers and management. 
Reduces complexity
Visual aids help feedback recipients and providers ensure that reliable feedback is obtained in the easiest, most efficient way. In-context help guides users along and shows them their progress, from easily selecting appropriate feedback providers to entering and understanding feedback. 
Preserves confidentiality. Delivers anonymous, honest and unbiased feedback supported by transparent processes.
Strives for excellence
Integrated analysis and reporting support feedback recipients in fully understanding their results and point them to actions to improve themselves. Detailed, easy to understand reports help to compare self-image versus the perception of others, forming the basis for tailored personal development of identified talent. 
Provides clear reports
A comprehensive set of reports also enables effective planning and preparation of appraisal discussions, development planning and subsequent coaching and mentoring.
Provides efficient collaboration
Sophisticated scheduling and collaboration tools help mentors and coaches assist employees in interpreting feedback and building actionable career development plans.
Provides self service features
Efficient administration via Self-Service features reduces administrative overheads via automated, secure workflow processes.

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