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In 2010, TotalSoft becomes a leader in personnel administration and payroll outsourcing segment. Moreover, TotalSoft manages wages of more than 10% of the Romanian active workforce. Over 550 Romanian companies and 60 multinational groups benefit from our dedicated human resources solutions. BRD Groupe Société Générale * 9,200 employees in Romania * second largest Romanian bank “We’ve been outsourcing the ...

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Why do more and more companies turn to payroll outsourcing?

The new business rules require superior efficiency and quick decisions for decreasing costs

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HR outsourcing reduces costs?

Delivering a high level of performance from employees during economic crisis represents a business objective almost impossible to achieve considering the large pressure on the human resource management component.  Is the outsourcing solution the lever of control needed to support this goal?   Amid an increased financial pressure, it seems that HR’s strategic role to be played along with the company’s top management has been slightly removed and redirected toward the basic administrative ...

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Communication in Employee Performance Management

Communication between managers, HR professionals and employees must take place at all stages of assessment, from planning individual and organizational goals, to performance management, skills development and successful performance rewarding.

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5 tips for a sound compensation system

Compensation, as an integral part of human resource management, supports the organization’s basic strategy, objectives, and values.

A sound compensation system is composed of programs and practices that help make pay decisions and resolve pay problems in an effective and efficient manner, providing employees with precise information on what is considered important, efficient and well performing.

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5 Commandments for Efficient Succession Planning

In today’s competitive environment, long-term business success is based on the ability to nurture and grow both talent and technology over the long-term. Career succession planning is not to be seen as a reactive measure, but as a proactive and on-going business priority. Retaining and enhancing talents will benefit both the organization, and the employees.

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Roles of participants in the 360 degree feedback

360 degree feedback has as main objective to assess training and development needs and to provide competence-related information for succession planning not promotion or pay increase. In fact, the multi-source assessment gathers performance-appraisal data from the entire group around an employee - peers, subordinates, supervisors, and sometimes, internal and external customers and suppliers.

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