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Real-time financing – the requirement to be competitive

Besides smoothing our operations, it also helped us in the sales process. The product is more attractive and the application represents an advantage in the negotiation with the stores. We are in line with competitors. Moreover, it is important to have a good collaboration with TotalSoft and to count on them from now on.

Traian Baicu, General Manager


As the economy developed the financing market emerged very rapidly. With more and more sophisticated offers, a large number of players and an increasingly informed and exigent public, the lack of technology in a credit company’s daily activity is a real handicap. A solution developed and implemented by TotalSoft, brought added value to TBI Credit’s financing offers.

TBI Credit is established in 2003. “From the very beginning, it was obvious to us that we absolutely needed a software solution. For this, we chose a company to withstand the market challenges and to offer the required services on a long term. This is why we chose TotalSoft, but we also took into account the fact that the solution was already being used by most of the leasing companies”, says Traian Baicu, General Manager TBI Credit.    


If the company had operated with a classical application, a consumer credit file would have been approved in at least 24 hours, as opposed to 5 minutes with an web solution. Moreover, additional resources, software solution in every partner store and associated personnel would have been necessary. “The application can be accessed in a store like any other internet page, the funding application is filled in and the online approval is received in about 5 minutes.”

“The solution is very flexible and as soon as we change the funding criteria in the headquarters, these are real-time available in every store in the network. After the application is approved, it is taken over by the headquarters staff, introduced in the system, sent to the accounting department, to the risk department etc.”says Traian Baicu, TBI Credit

In 2005 (at the moment we writte this case study), 50 TBI Credit partner stores used TotalSoft’s application. According to Mr. Baicu, TBI Credit signed a protocol with an important chain store, with 50 locations. Using TotalSoft’s application was a mandatory condition stipulated in this protocol, thanks to the rapid approval of the funding applications.

“The fact that the applications are rapidly approved represents a great advantage that this software solution brings.” declares the TBI Credit official.

“February, March and April 2004, we were processing 100-200 contracts a month and in 2005 we processing 200 a day. We wouldn’t have managed without a software solution like TotalSoft’s. It was essential to take into account the response time to a funding application and the involved human resource, because an offline application always requires people to install and remedy the deficiencies. Furthermore, if we had wanted to modify the scoring it would have been necessary to send someone with a new CD to each store. With Charisma, the modification is performed in a server at the headquarters and it is automatically sent to all the branches and the partner stores”explains Traian Baicu, TBI Credit .

The solution covers all the departments starting with the front office part, operating in the TBI Credit partner stores and ending with the back-office part, operating in the headquarters. The front-office application is developed on a web interface; it is user-friendly, accessible using and internet address with a user name and password. According to Florentina Andrei, Charisma Sales Manager, TotalSoft, the back-office part automates the credit files management, the offers, contracts, financial situations, receipts, payments, accountancy etc.

The implementation of the software solution and the additional developments began in November 2003 and in August 2004, the application was already used. According to the TBI Credit official, the training of the staff was done “on the fly”, because it is a user-friendly application. The technical support is still ensured by the software developer that, as the TBI Credit representative states, was always very prompt in responding to requests.

The solution’s flexibility and features that were perfectly covering the TBI Credit business determined that for 10 years the company will not need any upgrade version. In 2015, TBI Credit decided to upgrade to the last Charisma version and benefit from the modern technology advantages, the new features included in the system within this period, the integration period with the data provider) such as ICAP, Starbyte, ANAF, insurance brokers). Obviously, the most important component of the solution remained Charisma Web Credit. The implementation will be executed in the summer of 2016, according to the internal priorities of TBI Credit.

TBI Credit officials do not want to change the partner because this solution “besides smoothing our operations, helped us in the sales process. The product is more attractive and the application represents an advantage in the negotiation with the stores. We are in line with competitors. Moreover, it is important to have a good collaboration with TotalSoft and to count on them from now on”, concludes Mr. Baicu.

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