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Top financial backers work with Charisma

We worked very well with TotalSoft and Charisma operates in optimal parameters, though we continue to grow. In my opinion, Charisma is one of the best products on the profile market.

Radu Burghelea, IT Manager


Garanti Consumer Finance is the brand of Ralfi IFN SA company since 2011, part of the financial-banking group Garanti.  Garanti group includes Garanti Bank, Garanti Consumer Finance (trade of RALFI IFN SA) and Garanti Leasing (trade of Motoractive Leasing IFN SA).

One of the first companies from the finance market, with a tradition of 14 years on this market, Garanti Consumer Finance completes the products and services of the group with an offer adapted to each partner’s specific: credits in shops, personal needs loans, insurances attached to the consumer credits (a protection plan of the incomes and/or extended guarancy for the acquired product).


RALFI chose to work with TotalSoft and Charisma ERP since 2004 when the company was offering leasing services materialized in maximum 10.000 contracts annually. The solution initially purchased included standard modules (accounting, treasury, purchasing, sales, and asset management), human resources, payroll and leasing module that RALFI used in order to perform contracts.

Some of Charisma’s most important functionalities that were crucial for the purchasing process were: the possibility to use lines of credit to refinance some leasing contracts, double reporting system according to both Romanian and international standards, and certainly, the functionalities of the leasing module that allowed arranging the activity.

Charisma was able to adapt to the needs of our company though it was not a customized product and managed to do an excellent job. We have a large number of leasing and credit contracts but with a small value,” declared Mr. Burghelea, IT Manager Ralfi.

Due to the fact that RALFI was intending to offer credit services beginning with 2007, TotalSoft started implementing the credit module which implied the automation of several operations.  A competency centre was created inside RALFI. This centre worked with the TotalSoft team to obtain the automatic close of the advance payments and the automation of the contracts that directly go to the accounting department without human intervention.

This project lasted 6-8 months because it was very big and many of our departments were involved. However, it was delivered successfully and on time, so that in January 2007 we did not tackle anything but credits.” added Mr. Burghelea.

RALFI’s affiliation with the Credit Bureau required TotalSoft to create special reports that enabled risk data exchange between the two institutions.

We worked very well with TotalSoft and the system operates in optimal parameters, though we continue to grow. In my opinion, Charisma is one of the best products on the profile market “stated RALFI’s IT Manager.

Paradoxically, as the number of contracts increased, the number of users decreased, and this was possible because the system automated many processes and thus the employees were relieved from routine operations and responsibilities. “Before using Charisma everything was manually operated every hour, but now the contracts are automatically imported” declared Mr. Burgelea.

Technically, “Charisma has an administration interface with configuration options, an extremely high flexibility regarding the accountancy and it also enables transactions among documents. These advantages helped us shape the final solution” asserted Daniel Tudosie, IT Project Manager RALFI.

Solution – up-date 2016

After successfully using the Charisma solution for more than 10 years, RALFI decided to upgrade the system and extend TotalSoft solution with web credit and document management components. The 60.000 active contracts determined the company to replace the developed web systems developed in-house with an integrated solution from TotalSoft that included Charisma ERP Core, Charisma Web Credit and Document Management.

Charisma WEB Credit will be used by the own employees, for sales and risk evaluation activities, as well as the users of the company’s partners (shops). Through Charisma Web solution the credits will be initiated and analyzed from risk perspective, the contracts will be generated and the final data will be automatically sent for the subsequent management in the ERP solution.

RALFI takes all the customers’ requests (new credits, payment rescheduling, addendums) through a call centre of 100 persons that will introduce the data in Charisma Web Credit and, subsequently, to generate a set or orders towards Charisma ERP. The approach is designed to facilitate the back office process (due days managements, daily closing, and payment allocations to credits) through the ERP system access by a large number of users that need to access accounting or analysis info.

All the solution’s applications provided by TotalSoft converge in Charisma Document Management from upload and generated documents management point of view. Thus, all the documents generated by the company (contracts, due days, addendums, invoices) are archived and electronically managed.

Through a warehouse system will be collected data from all the applications and business intelligence reports will be realized. 

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