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Charisma was easy to use, to set up, especially on the reporting side; it is a local application, suitable for the Romanian market. It is flexible, easy to adapt and yet complex. Last but not least, there has been a very good and very direct collaboration with the management of the company

Luminiţa Baicu, Chief Financial Officer

The company
Founded in 1997, REBU is the first private company in Bucharest on the sanitation services field. It grew together with the Capital, acquiring an unique experience on this market in Bucharest. Currently, REBU owns a vehicle fleet with 364 state-of-the-art machineries, MAN, Mercedes and Ford brand. These machineries have high lifting and transportation features, enabling the delivery of effective and fast services.

REBU is responsible for the street sanitation of the 4th District in Bucharest, serving a broad range of first-class private customers in Bucharest and border areas. In 2008, REBU's turnover was exceeding EUR 33 millions, the result being supported by more than 1000 employees.

The situation
REBU was a newly reorganized company regarding its structure, having high difficulties in managing the over 1,600 employees of the company at that moment. Moreover, REBU was not able to quickly adapt to the legal changes, especially because REBU's salary structure was not simple.

 "We have a lot of compensations, salary grades are approved under negotiations with unions, and people get work-specific compensations - toxicity-compensation, compensations for working during the week-end. Additionally, we have 1,600 people, and the turnover is very big“, Luminiţa Baicu, REBU Chief Financial Officer, REBU.

At the same time, the old application was only in charge of payroll and the human resources part was not developed at all. "As in the other sanitation companies, we have in REBU all types of employees, from non-qualified workers to university degree employees. The turnover is big, because of the specific of the business, and it was very difficult to acquire all the human resources data. That is when we decided to adopt an application integrating the payroll part with the human resources one", Luminiţa Baicu, Chief Financial Officer, REBU.

At the time of selecting a solution for human resources management, REBU was in the middle of a SAP solution implementation process, so they needed to find an information solution capable of interfacing with SAP system.

The solution
The solution chosen to solve the problems related to human resources management was Charisma HR. The solution covers both the payroll part and the human resources data management.

"Usually, such an implementation lasts around one month and a half. With the help of REBU team, we managed to perform the specific conditions analysis, to import the existing data within REBU, to test and to actually calculate the wages in two weeks", Florentina Andrei, TotalSoft Sales Manager - the person in charge with selling the application, from preliminary negotiations to signing the contract.

The implementation of the program has started before signing the contract, by preparing the information requested by TotalSoft. "Our first target was for the program to work and to be able to correctly calculate the wages in the first phase, followed by tailoring and customizing. As for any people-related process, there have been difficulties, not as much because of REBU's complicated payroll system, which is anyway governed by the law, as because of human resources policies, built based on company's profile", Luminiţa Baicu, Chief Financial Officer, REBU.

Both REBU and TotalSoft teams worked hard for two weeks, until the payroll calculation was finished. TotalSoft's team consisted in three people: the human resources and payroll consultant, a technical support person who performed the deployment and data import and one person in the application development department. REBU's team consisted in three people, too, all working on payroll. "Even if the time was short, the transition went surprisingly smooth", Luminiţa Baicu, Chief Financial Officer, REBU.

Regarding the interfacings needed to link the human resources management solution to SAP system, Charisma HR was not facing this kind of challenge for the first time. Thus, making out this interface was fast and flawless.

REBU employees also benefited from training by TotalSoft. After installing the application, the customer receives mandatory live training, based on real system documents. The training is necessary, says Florentina Andrei, and thanks to the fact that the application is flexible, one can enter changes and generate new report types.

The results
After the implementation, the data are more clear regarding the personnel turnover. "REBU performs street sanitation in 1st and 4th Districts and house sanitation in 1st, 5th and 4th Districts. We wanted to know where the difficulties are, how many sick leave days were spent in a month, how trained the people are. Seeing the structure and the details, we set up a target and now we know what we want", Luminiţa Baicu, Chief Financial Officer, REBU.

Moreover, the payroll is done quickly and error-free for the entire team, taking into account all the specific compensations and shifts. Regarding the human resources data management, the application provides employee personal data, job definitions, organization chart generation, training, employee assessment, as well as applicant assessment.

Case study revised in 2005.

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