Impact - an atypical customer for Charisma

We prospected the market and Charisma was the only solution including an essential element for constructions – the project management module. The other few companies that we have prospected only included the components for financials-accounting, revenue-expenditures balance - without modules for planning or contracts, which are very important for us.

Florin Chiriţă, Marketing Director

The company
IMPACT Developer & Contractor S.A is one of the biggest full private equity real estate developers in Romania, working in the integrated mix development field. Founded in 1991, the company introduced on the Romanian market the "residential assembly" concept once ALFA assembly was started. Among the successes of the 17 years of existence, Impact has built 16 residential assemblies, one A-class business centre of 8000mp (office spaces), over 2000 dwelling units constructed to Western quality standards and, last but not least, extending its business to national scale (Bucharest, Constanţa, Oradea, Ploieşti, Cluj).

The situation
Because of the quick extension of the business and the lack of an integrated information system, each department was working with its own information, which were redundantly entered in multiple formats. Moreover, because some critical information were completely missing, the system was often generating errors, preventing the business tracking or the efficient use of the parts required for the construction sites.

Being a company where the project management is an essential activity, the lack of constant and consistent project tracking was causing bigger and bigger problems. Financials, project management and quotation issues were not tracked. In addition, expanding the company throughout the country could not be controlled anymore without an ERP system that also offers the possibility of remote access to information.  

The solution
TotalSoft, together with Impact management, prepared an ample procedure for the optimization of the technology used, up to team leaders level. They have been equipped with mobile devices to receive instructions from the higher level - works they have to perform, deadlines, materials and personnel, etc. - and to enter the delivery reports into the system.

The first thing TotalSoft did was to analyze all the processes, to find out that, even if the company was working in a good condition, no employee had all the information required for making decisions, and wasting time to gather them. To solve this problem it was vital that all user categories (accountants, sales persons, construction site managers, management, etc.) have access to system information, and to contribute to its daily update, at the same time.

The solution was also supposed to be remotely accessed, to cover the operations within the country and to provide the required information regarding the construction site status.

The results
Adopting Charisma helped Impact S.A. to organize its business. The result was a system with an unique database, which retrieves and provides the information to all user categories involved in running the company operations.  Additionally, the new system enables simplifying and optimizing the company's business, consistently managing over 7000 parts required for a middle size construction site. 900 houses have been delivered throughout the country only in 2005, and this means almost four houses a day to deliver, a record for the company.

This performance was also possible thanks to the features provided by the information system, which offered to Impact management an overview, enabling a rigorous control and planning of operations and deadlines.

"Charisma allowed us to potentate the work force down to the bottom level. Thus, the flow is as follows: the projects are entered into Charisma, they get to the management and to the construction site - where the required parts are ordered - and the cycle is closed" Florin Chiriţă, Marketing Manager, Impact Developer & Contractor S.A

Case study revised in 2005.

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