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Why Charisma Mobile Solutions

The increased applicability of mobile devices is rapidly turning them into business working and analysis platforms. Given the current trends, the expansion of software capabilities on cutting edge mobile devices is definitely a statement of TotalSoft team’s innovative spirit.


Financial and operational benefits


Reduces the performance analysis time
Due to continuous and real time information updating on any changes in the organization’s integrated information system, but also to expanded on-line features, the management or authorized persons can view real-time financial or non-financial performance indicators.
Complete overview of the performance indicators
The predefined performance indicators are shown in an intuitive manner to quickly highlight the business segments performing or underperforming. The solution uses scaled indicators, data series or matrix, for a full coverage of the information necessary for the top management.
Latest technology
The solution is based on cutting-edge technologies, withdrawing, analyzing and displaying relevant information based on comparative status cells. These solutions address any business area, regardless of its size, activity field or structure (distribution, retail, services and financial services; multi-location, multi-department and multi-product).
Reduces the operational costs
Due to the 24/7 direct access to the application, the solution significantly reduces the workload on the analysis departments. Data monitoring is performed at general and/ or location level (store, city, department, region, line of business etc.), centrally or detailed, quantitative and/or value according to each company’s specific requirements.


Charisma Mobile Solutions are applications developed on iOS, which can be installed both on iPhone, iPodTouch and iPad tablets. Among features available by iOS SDK (software development kit), TotalSoft’s mobile solutions are currently using:
  • Multi-touch;
  • Over-the-air sync (3G/WIFI);
  • Multitasking;
  • Push Notifications.

Database accessible through webservice

Charisma Mobile Solutions benefit from a server side data processing module that allows reports to become available through a mobile web service.
Thus, through a 3G or WIFI connection, users may update remotely the database on demand or as a program update (update) by default. The communication channel is secure and encrypted for an improved data protection factor.

View offline reports
Reports and indicators are stored locally on the mobile device for a subsequent offline viewing. In this case, the pre-installed SQLite tool (engine) will be used.
Push notifications
Using the integrated service Apple Push Notification, the reporting server can notify iPad/iPhone CellMonitor and Analyzer clients, even though the application is off at the time.
Thus, when new data or reports come in, users are actively notified, remaining thus permanently updated on the evolution of parameters of interest.

By means of an application that can be accessed through any browser, alert messages can be sent in order to return, block or delete data remotely located on any tablet. Each tablet of the devices portfolio can be located on the map, in case its loss is announced.

Automatic implementation and updates
Due to TotalSoft 's exclusive certification obtained from Apple Inc. the necessary software and updates operating on tablets can be installed quickly by remote automatic download.


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