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New features available in Charisma Analyzer powered by Tableau Software

The most powerful technology available to users. The five principles underlying our approach are an intuitive interface, easy data analysis and research, relevant reports, built-in best practices for data visualization and data independence.

With more than 90 new features in Charisma Analyzer, data gets its day. Anytime, from anywhere and on any device you may want to use. Discover the new functionalities or ask for a live demo using the form below.


View and interact with data faster

Floating Objects
More interactive dashboards? Charisma Analyzer allows you to place components of the analysis wherever you may want within the visual page. Thus, you can use all the space available and fill in vacant places with additional captions, filters or graphics. Once you select a filter or a certain part of the analysis, the remaining elements are updated automatically accordingly.

Data Labels
Now you can have multiple data labels on a single view. New algorithms optimize how labels are automatically placed to minimize overlapping values and display the right content more clearly. This improvement helps you make clean, and thus easier to understand analysis.

Tree Maps
New view types help you show part/whole relationships and emphasize relative proportions. Treemaps are an excellent way to show relative proportions in a data set since differences can be easily spotted as they are highlighted through rectangles of different sizes, directly proportional to the values that they represent. Treemaps are useful to view a large number of categories in a small space with no scrolling. And they are a very accessible type of visualization that can help in presenting data to wide audiences.

Bubble Charts
Bubble Charts allow you to easily highlight data categories and compare them quickly just by looking at the size and color of the bubbles.

Scoped Filters
Now you can apply or deselect filters only to specific worksheets in a certain workbook.

Enhanced user interface

The latest version of Charisma Analyzer allows you to find much easier all the information you need. Thus, you focus exclusively on your analysis.

  • You can use the advanced search options available in the left side of the screen in any combination you may want.
  • The Content and Administration tabs separate the tasks and domains for administrators and end-users, and facilitates the access to the specific options available for each type of user.
  • Worksheets and dashboards can be copied in different workbooks, including the data sources they are linked to.
  • The improved presentation mode centers your current worksheet or dashboard on your display and changes the background to white, hiding almost all of the interface. You can still select different sheets and dashboards while in presentation mode.
  • Quick search includes now multiple design options.
  • Folders are a new way to visually organize your data. Place any dimension, measure, or even hierarchies and groups, into a folder, keeping things neat and tidy. Fields are still searchable when inside folders. 

Keep up with the pace of your analysis and reporting needs

Improved forecasting capabilities
This new type of analysis allows you to estimate future values for your indicators starting from the historical data you have at your disposal. Charisma Analyzer includes a series of advanced forecasting models that take into account aspects such as seasonality and trends. In addition, you can view the statistical calculations that the system made by accessing the detailed description of the forecast.

Data Sets

You can compare multiple data sets between them, or data from the set with those that are not. In addition, you can combine two or more sets to determine intersections, reunions or differences.

Data Grouping
Grouping is an action used to combine the members of a certain size in more comprehensive categories. With the new version of Charisma Analyzer, you can group the data based on the selection that you make directly in your dashboard and „paint” data in a certain color for an easier spotting. 

Access your data anytime, from anywhere or any device

Same interactive user experience regardless of the device or working mode
With the new version of Charisma Analyzer you get the same interactive experience without having Analyzer Desktop installed. When you edit on the web or mobile device you still get a drag & drop experience. In addition, you may use and change all view types, compute, add or remove fields, filters and so on.

Dashboard Subscription
Get all the important information you need, right in your inbox. When you subscribe to a dashboard, Charisma Analyzer Server will send it to your email address at regular intervals, always with the most recent data. And if you do want to interact with the dashboard, you can click into the email to go to Analyzer Server.


Even More Data Sources For Your Analyses

Now you can connect to even more data sources for comprehensive analyses. Google Analytics, Google BigQuery and Big Data are just a few of them.

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