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You can find below some of the solutions developed for the retail sector, especially designed for the maximization of client loyalty and sales.

ERP solution
Charisma ERP 2012 is an integrated information system for companies’ resource management to optimize and streamline the internal business processes. Charisma ERP is a multi-module system, specially designed to standardize the productive or decision-making processes by introducing the best practices specific to each business sector. The product is the best-selling integrated information system in the mid-market segment in Romania.

In 2010, TotalSoft was ranked first among providers of ERP solutions in Romania, according to the market analysis company Pierre Audoin Consultants. Also, in 2012, Charisma Retail was ranked as one of the five strongest European vertical software.


CRM solution
In the global and competitive business environment, the loyalty and retention of clients became critical. Charisma CRM powered by Microsoft Dynamics is the tool that allows you to achieve these objectives, by managing correctly and rapidly customer relationships and potential clients, by increasing the efficiency of the marketing process and reduce the time allocated to the sales process.


Mobile sales force automation
The productivity of sales persons is a crucial factor in the evolution of an organization. The agility of the company, translated through decision speed and mobility, is only possible with the help of powerful software solutions, developed on the latest technologies, able to support the need for agility and efficiency of the sales forces. With the help of Charisma Mobile SFA, the management has now full, real-time visibility on the sales process. The solution tailors to each organization, regardless its size or business field, by automating the sales processes.

The main benefits of the solution are the increasing of sales force productivity, the maximization of client satisfaction in the shortest possible time and eliminating the redundant effort of recording data.


Online commerce solution - eShop
If the sales of company products and services don’t require the strict presence of a specialist, then you will certainly need an e-Shop platform. Charisma e-Shop is an advanced software platform, especially designed to help you efficiently and profitably sell products and services in the online environment without time or space restrictions.

The solution increases the company's revenues, significantly extends the scope of the business, increases the efficiency of the marketing efforts and helps to increase the customer satisfaction and loyalty. The fast recovery of the investment is fast due to the intuitive and easily administrated platform, the cut of internal costs, the fast process of launching new products and services, the advantage brought by profitability analysis per product and clients categories.


Self-service solutions
Charisma Self Service is a fast and efficient communication platform between the organization and the business partners, customers or providers, that reduces the operational costs of the customer service departments, increases satisfaction and loyalty of the company's customers, increases the efficiency of marketing efforts and lays the basis for new revenue channels. Over 200,000 partners of financial services, distribution or telecommunication companies in Romania benefit from Charisma Self Service platform.


Document management solution

Charisma Document Management is developed based on the latest technologies from Microsoft, providing easy to use and automation for the management activity of any type of content, regardless the format. The product perfectly integrates with online or offline ERP or PSA solutions, providing exceptional flexibility and configurability in order to meet any specific needs.

Thus, working with documents will be more efficient, internal costs will be cut and the project & contract management will be optimized.


Debt collection solution
With the help of Charisma Collection, both the financial services companies distributing or providing various services, as well as the companies specialized in collecting outstanding debts can manage the efforts of collecting debts in simple but exact steps: they identify debtors, create delinquency tickets, manage debtor accounts, track and complete the collection process.


Cost control solution
Charisma Cost Control is a product especially designed to help companies control the management flow of operational costs and contracts with the suppliers. The product optimizes the purchasing flows, from structuring the budget, managing the expense requests, managing and developing the relationships with suppliers to tracking the contracts and their completion under the best terms. Charisma Cost Control has adapted over time to meet the specific needs of companies in various business fields, regardless their size or complexity.


Business intelligence solution
Charisma Analyzer powered by Tableau Software, the BI software solutions market leader through an efficient implementation and reduced time to adapt to customer requirements, brings major functional advantages, ensuring the highest standard of visualization and data analysis in the industry, but also by transforming the system into a simple and easy to use one, designed for users that are less familiar with BI software.


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