Repossession Module

When all attempts to convince the debtor to pay the outstanding amounts fail to cover the delinquency of the loan, the repossession process starts with the guarantee securing this loan or even with the transaction object. Repossession module optimizes the management of the collected assets, as well as the additional fines the consumer should pay to cover the seller's repossession costs.


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Financial and operational benefits

Decreases the damages of the financing company

  • Provides a consistent and real-time updated view on the financial situation of the contracts and required repossessions.
  • Manages all the collected assets based on VIN (vehicle identification number) in case of vehicles or real estate properties for their unique identification.
  • Allows fast calculation of fees to be invoiced for the repossession process, as well as the current value of the collected asset.

Optimizes and automates the operational flow

  • Recording each expense made with the repossession, maintenance or repairs during the lifecycle of the asset in the inventory of the company and their automatic accounting.
  • Automatic calculation of the transfer value, as equal to the uninvoiced capital at the moment of terminating the contract between the two parties involved.
  • Automatically or manually integration with inventory management, based on the data in any ERP information system. In case you use Charisma ERP, that is natively integrated with Charisma Collection, the entire traceability is kept between the stockable asset (recorded by NIR) and the contract between the two parties as source.  
  • Integration with fixed asset management, in case this is not already depreciated in the company's accounting system (for example, operational leasing).
  • Retrieves and manages the asset properties for traceability, identification and further selling.
  • Manages and tracks the collected assets by cost centers and unique identifiers.
  • Measures the company's business efficiency through quick and cumulated access to all the financial and operational information in its contracts and transactions.
  • Keeps business continuity based on the bridge created between the modules and functionalities of Charisma Collection suite. Thus, the lifecycle of the repossessed asset is ended either by sale (inventory removal through a sales invoice), or by refinancing (inventory removal through a leasing contract).


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