In a global and highly competitive business environment, customer loyalty and retention have become critical. Charisma CRM is the tool that allows you to do that through a proper management and customer relationship, which turns prospects into customers, streamlines the marketing processes and reduces the sales process duration.

Correctly and quickly manages the relationship with customers, accounts and contracts
With a familiar user interface, Charisma CRM allows the access to a single database that includes detailed information about customers, accounts, contracts, allowing a complete and integrated reporting.
Tracks and optimizes potential clients and opportunities arising in the company’s business processes
The application allows users to track any client from their identification as a lead, up to signing the contract. On the other hand, monitoring the competition and the ability to identify influencers in the selling price allow the company to create winning offers.
Reduces the time spent in the selling process and increases the number of sales
Centralized tracking of information enables faster conclusion of contracts and streamlines sales both at agent and team levels.
Streamlines the marketing and promotion processes and segments quickly customers and potential customers
Import options and management of lists of prospects for marketing communications, creation of product catalogs and price lists, planning and execution of marketing campaigns and management of responses obtained significantly contribute to streamlining the entire marketing process.
Reduces costs and increases employee efficiency thanks to an integrated information environment
Charisma CRM consolidates all the information circulated in the sales, marketing and customer support departments, streamlining costs and increasing employee efficiency, all translated into the development of customer loyalty, revenue growth, consistent and high quality service.


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