Financial Management

Financial Management software manages the operations and project execution from the financial point of view, regardless the type or nature of the concluded contractual terms. The solution includes complex financial management tools, covering all the financial flow, from issuing the invoices to the customers to recording the payments and closing the debts on contracts and projects.

Financial and operational benefits

Increases the efficiency of the financial operations

  • Eases the budget management by defining and tracking them by resource, project or contract.  
  • Simplifies the project and contract invoicing, the billable costs being calculated and grouped by resource or task type;
  • Provides accuracy in issuing the invoices at detail level and in the format preferred by the customer.
  • Provides flexibility in issuing the invoices, by determining and grouping the rates, periods, services and expenses to be included, as well as by setting the specifics at project level regarding the billing process;
  • Allows further review of the invoices, changing their content, as well as adjusting the hours to be invoiced from the total worked hours.
  • Allows managing different invoice types;
  • Provides regular forecasts upon the organization's revenues.
  • Tracks and improves the transparency of the cash-flow, providing support for the decisions regarding the future investments of the company.
  • Allows recording the receipts by customer or contract, with automatic invoice matching;
  • Matches the customer receipts with invoice details and allows quick retrieval of rates by resource or resource type.
  • Allows automatic calculation of exchange rate differences, based on payment and invoice dates.

Maximizes the billable revenues

  • Allows quick and automatic selection of valid spent hours as being billable.
  • Allows real-time access to the statement of costs by resources or projects on a chosen period.
  • Automates the invoice issuing based on the invoice schedule agreed under the contract.
  • Provides the possibility to use different invoicing rates, by resource, used professional education, contract or project.

Improves the relationships with the organization's customers

  • Provides quick and complete invoicing, as well as lower costs per project or contract.
  • Offers a correct and easy financial management of the customers' accounts.
  • Includes advanced possibilities to use and record the advance payments or incomplete payments from the customers.

Reduces the internal costs and increases the company's productivity

  • Removes the redundant, manual, time and money consuming work.
  • Automates the retrieval and grouping the data related to budgets, costs, allocated resources and deliverables at contract or project level.
  • Includes alerts at invoicing terms or other financial events.
  • Allows the implementation of workflows for invoice approval after issuing, according to the business specifics of each single customer.
  • Provides quick and permanent access to customer account record.
  • Includes alerts, quick access and efficient analysis of the existing overdue amounts by contract and/or project.
  • Allows planning the activities for receiving the overdue amounts and their tracking until completion.
  • Allows automatic marking of timesheets as invoiced.
  • Integrates with Charisma ERP or with any other accounting or ERP system.


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