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Why Charisma Analyzer powered by Tableau Software

Charisma Analyzer powered by Tableau Software provides an updated and extremely important support for planning and optimizing the company business strategy, by providing a series of business intelligence analysis that measure, manage and optimize the organization's performance. The solution addresses the decisional bodies, by using dashboards, groups of users who want to view and build Web reports, as well as financial and operational data analysts, by interpreting the results and making decisions. The advantages of the solution include:

Reduces the report generation time by 87.5% due to interactive visualizations features
Tableau Software was appreciated by Gartner in February 2014 as the BI software solution with the highest level of customer satisfaction, the highest level of use at company level and the highest quality score. It is fast to implement, reacts 100 times faster than any other business intelligence solution and is adaptable to permanent needs.
Reduces the report maintenance and update from several days to several hours 
Following a case study, it was found that the time needed to create reports was reduced from 16-24 hours to 2-4 hours, while the maintenance effort could be reduced to 0 hours. The features brought by Charisma Analyzer Desktop and Server eliminate the costs registered by regular update activities and increase the number of internally developed and published reports.
Provides a consistent and intuitive overview
Performing or underperforming business segments can be measured in real time with intuitive presentation of data type objectives, achievements and developments. Indicators are colors and symbols for an easy and intuitive visualization. Charisma Analyzer powered by Tableau Software is a global leader in data visualization and usability.
Routes and logistics on Romanian and world maps


Sales Forecast

Monitors the organization performance according to the market context
The BI software solution supports the real time making decision process based on updated and relevant information. Users can adapt to market conditions and changes by means of performance indicators that are not available within a non-BI solution.
Reduces the costs incurred by IT services
Users can develop and configure by themselves the reports.
Provides a holistic information on the company
The application retrieves, processes and displays data from all systems responsible with the business process management: financial-accounting, purchasing, sales management, customer management, etc. 

High business expertise
The solution benefits from the expertise of consultants with relevant experience in all business fields, providing both the required infrastructure and the best practices for the optimization and automation of the decision process within the company. 
Reduces office supplies costs
Eliminates the report printing. The information is available in the form of synthetic indicators that can be accessed online, offline or on the mobile phone by all organization levels. 


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