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Alex Găvan – expedition without additional oxygen to climb the Lhotse summit (8516 m)

The mountaineer Alex Găvan, one of Romania’s top performers at extreme altitude left on a new expedition in the Himalayas, to climb Lhotse summit (8516 m) without additional oxygen and altitude porters.

The expedition will last around two months, and the ascent will be performed on the Nepali side of the mountain. Lhotse is the world’s fourth highest mountain after Everest, K2 and Kangchenjunga and it is situated at the border between Tibet and Nepal. The summit is linked with Everest by the South Col, at over 8000 m altitude.

“It is my third meeting with Lhotse. I learnt a lot from this mountain, just because I haven’t managed to climb it yet. Lhothse showed me how it is to reach 8000 m and decide to withdraw, without giving up your dream. It is a lesson about how honest you can be with yourself or others, as a mountaineer and as a man, and about determination. That is why I return happily to Lhotse”, declared Alex Găvan, before leaving.

In 2012, the mountaineer attempted to climb Lhotse twice. First time, in the spring, Alex withdrew at 7600 m altitude, after acquiring a lung infection in the base camp. Second time, during the autumn, Alex Găvan and his partner Alexey Bolotov (Russia), withdrew because of the weather conditions on the mountain, in the night of the final ascent, after reaching 8000 m altitude.

We are proud to sustain this journey and we are with Alex Găvan for a successful ascent!

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