eCommerce B2C

eCommerce is a platform providing functionalities for online commerce through a Business-to-Customer online portal, specific for Retail, Wholesale Industry, Financial Services etc. The solution contains both an interface designed for the user buyer through which the buyer may order products and services, and an interface for website management.

  • Requires lower costs than the traditional version and provides, in addition, the analysis of new purchasing behaviours of the customers;
  • Facilitates ordering a product or service;
  • Simple and quick management of public website content, list of products (images, description, properties, methods of filtering etc), news, blog.
  • Improves sales planning and management, management of prospects and work processes;
  • Provides operational and control support for sales made to agents who work more easily and manage their stocks by means of complex reports, providing an overview.
  • Provides functionalities for conducting online commerce through an online store where customers can purchase products from the catalogue through secure online payment (ePayment);
  • Provides a shopping cart with the following functionalities: view of purchased products, prices, adding / removing products, change of quantities, online printing of documents;
  • Allows functionalities such as promotions and vouchers, with the possibility to get real time reports;
  • Easy design customization;
  • Possibility of creating different types of products with specific attributes that also allow advanced search according to them;
  • Order management more easily through which territories are established and allocates teams for a better organizational efficiency; Likewise, automatically assigns tasks and prospects to the sales team;
  • Allows giving and receiving feedback after an acquisition both from the user and the seller;
  • Synchronizes more easily the sales department with the marketing department by tracking leads in a single centralized system, which can quickly identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities using integrated analytics;
  • Enables faster closing of contracts and revenue analysis by tracking key information about transactions.