Production planning

Master Plan System (MPS)
Creates and manages delivery forecasts to determine what should be manufactured, when to be manufactured and how much quantity. This submodule helps to build delivery strategies based on a manufacturing history and by maintaining up-to-date the raw material and material requisition, market information or other significant processes.
Material Requirement Planning (MRP).
It includes: material resource planning (by defining the resources of working wave type, persons, assigning the resources to the resource classes, defining resource capacities for time units), MRP planning (it calculates the raw material requisition and prepares the supply requisitions and purchase orders, using the manufacturing plans and the resources generating manufacturing and delivery requests).
Manufacturing Execution Scheduling (MES)
One the activities to be executed are determined at manufacturing department level, the Manufacturing Execution Schedule(MES) submodule allows to schedule the resources over short periods of time (weeks, by detailing to the day level).The scheduled resources are human resources (at workshop/wave/people level) and equipment (at equipment group or equipment level – fixed asset for the critical equipment).Within the module, also the control (QA) activities and the planned equipment repairs could be scheduled.

At this level, the manufacturing reporting, the verification of following the manufacturing schedules set within MES and possible re-schedules are executed.