Treatment Plans

The Treatment Plans software is intended to streamline the working processes and procedures within the medical unit, offering the possibility to determine a clear workflow that can be applied by all the system users. The product increases the operational efficiency by streamlining the treatment methodology for certain cases, the user being supported in making a decision based on a previously determined process.

  • Reduces the reaction time
  • Increases the efficiency of operations

  • Enables the configuration of procedures to be followed in certain defined medical cases - the working procedure that needs to be followed is set up after determining certain diagnostics. Thus, after the diagnostic is determined by the doctor, the system suggests a working procedure.
  • It automatically proposes to apply a working procedure previously set up for that diagnostic.
  • Tracks the procedure compliance - the user has the possibility to follow the steps suggested by the system and that were determined after the setting up of the working procedure.
  • Natively integrates with Examinations and Hospitalization module, and the procedures launched for a patient can be directly accessed from these modules