Medical Ward

The medical ward needs an effective management of the admission process, discharge and examination sheets, the management of patients by ward, room or bed, information about cost per patient, the management of transfers between wards and to Intensive Care unit. The module designated to the wards was especially developed to monitor the patients patients starting with  the admission to the ward to the release from the ward, with all the medical data recorded during the hospitalization period.

  • Efficient cost control
  • Reducing the time consuming routine tasks
  • Eliminating the information double recording
  • Optimizing the cost per patient

  • Tracking the patient from admission to the ward until his/her release from the wardn in one of the following ways: transfer to other ward within the same hospital, external transfer (to other medical location), discharge (upon request or normal) or death.
  • Viewing and changing the medical records of the patients admitted to the ward.
  • Recording the data about the patient progress, as well as about their attending doctors.
  • Generating a list of drugs and material supplies requisition.
  • Issuing the operational, statistical, managerial and reimbursement reports to the Insurance Houses (including the export to DRG).
  • Automatically generating the release sheet, filling in the epicrisis based on the patient condition progress during the hospitalization

Clients Medical Ward

Fundatia Victor Babes

Fundatia Victor Babes