Emergency Room

The Emergency Room software was especially developed to record the patients who come to the Emergency Room, to automate the generation of patient admission sheet and the registration of examinations and the provided medical services, as well as to facilitate the processes specific to an emergency room.

  • Reduces the time needed for formalities
  • Eliminates human errors
  • Provides high accessibility of information
  • Increases the efficiency of the emergency room

  • Records the patients that show up to the emergency room / admissions in an unique database at hospital level: recording date and time, identity card data, the emergency room where it was registered, the responsible doctor, the condition, the referring doctor, the disease history, allergies, etc.
  • Generates the patient admission sheets at the Emergency Room, which include all patient information, anamnesis, symptoms, diagnostic list and all medical services provided to the patient within the Emergency Room.
  • Records all results from the performed investigations.
  • Records the medical services provided for each single patient: examinations, treatments, medical tests, medical procedures, imaging, radiology, functional tests, etc.
  • Enables patient admission into the hospital and automatically generates at admission a medical record that will follow the patient during the hospitalization period.
  • Enables patient's transfer to other section or hospital.
  • Automatically generates the discharge sheet and the letters to the family doctors.
  • Prints the specific patient condition records, medical records (admission sheet), the examination sheet and the death certificate.