Charisma Billing for Water

Charisma Billing is an end-to-end, multi-country, multi-company, multi-location, multi-currency solution, which allows metering and recording of individual consumption of electricity. The solution is able to support any data volume and legislative framework and to ensure not only a careful real-time management of company’s operational and financial resources, but also a sustainable relationship with partners and stakeholders.

The solution can operate both as standalone and bidirectional, through integration with any meter reading equipment and any ERP or CRM system. Moreover, the latest technology used in the application’s development allows operation of any database and provides a responsive scalable and dynamic interface, depending on the resolution and the device by means of which it is accessed (computer, tablet).

  • Reduces operational costs due to the functionalities offered and by aggregating all the information in operational and dynamic reports, with real-time data, the solution eliminates manual data entry effort and reduces operational costs.
  • Improves relationship with customers and partners by means of the portal, the solution enables customers and partners secure access to updated information about consumption, invoices and payments, providing both transparency on processes and modern, simple and comfortable services for consumers, such as electronic invoicing.Ensures company’s performance

  • Direct calculation of bills based on recorded consumption and contractual data;
  • Includes a configurable algorithm to calculate the contract’s value for its whole lifetime;
  • Automatic billing of monthly advance payments according to estimates from clients or specified in the contract;
  • Automatic billing of regularizations according to actual energy consumption;
  • Invoicing deviations of consumption, according to the contract;
  • Billing penalties for outstanding invoices, using a complex and configurable computing mechanism for the purposes of enabling both automated penalties billing and invoicing according to punctual decisions of users (current and retroactive penalties);
  • Periodic generation of settlement bills for green certificates;
  • Printing electricity distribution invoices and detailed annexes on consumption for each location, directly from the application;
  • Automatic notification, via e-mail, to users regarding maturities or other information of interest;
  • History of billing and receipts (invoices, payment details, penalties calculated and invoiced).