A Stable and Future-ready Software system aimed to Boost Customer Satisfaction and Operational Excellence

Member of Administration Council

We are using a stable information system, that meets all the current needs of the medical network MedLife and it represents with no doubt the most appropriate solution for the next years, when nearly everything will become digitized and we will like to have everything on the mobile phones or computers. In fact, this is the difference between Charisma and the rest of the medical software solutions in Romania and even abroad.

- Member of Administration Council


MedLife is the largest private medical services provider in Romania that is constantly evolving in order to meet the most exigent and complex requests in the medical area. Currently, MedLife has a broad activity in 9 Hyperclinics in Bucharest, Timisoara, Brasov and Arad, 3 maternities in Bucharest and in the rest of the country, 8 excellence centers with unique specialization, 8 pharmacies under PharmaLife network, 28 on-site medical offices, and 26 mobile teams collaborating with other 150 associated clinics all over Romania.

Under this structure, MedLife treats 2 millions of patients annually, while having 250,000 corporate subscribers from 4,500 companies, processes 20,000 medical analyses on a daily basis and has 2,500 employees, out of which 2,000 are already using Charisma.


Until 2010, MedLife used an in-house software solution to manage all the activities which due to lack of integration was generating a lot of issues. In addition, the technical platform used as support for the design of the application was not able to fulfill the increasing needs of MedLife, despite the fact that at the time the company had one single hospital.

“The decision of changing the information system was a strategic one because we wanted from the new system to offer us not only the necessary elements for a good functioning, but also to include features for ulterior updates, for a period longer than 10 years”.  Member of Administration Council


The software platform provided by TotalSoft has four major components: Charisma Medical Software and Charisma ERP integrate the medical activity with the economical one for total automation of working flows, Charisma HCM manages the HR&Payroll activity, and a Customer Relationship Management system developed on the latest Microsoft technology. The integration of all components under one unique platform provides MedLife’s activity with a high performance level, usage safety and high data security.

“I have chosen Charisma mainly because it was providing an integrated, flexible and gradual system that allowed us to implement it in 8 distinct juridical entities, with different sizes and specifics. We have considered that by using the system provided by TotalSoft we could get all the needed support for operational excellence. That means that every patient contacting the call center, is called by name due to the fact that the operator has access to his/her medical entire medical record, being thus able to conduct a more customer friendly dialog. Through operational excellence I also understand that, after the doctor prescribes a certain receipt, the patient will easily find the prescribed medicines in the Pharmacy at the clinic’s ground floor”.

The solution is used by MedLife’s managers on a daily basis and it is the foundation for the operational and strategic decisions of the company. Due to the feature of archiving all the medical interventions’ data operated for each patient, MedLife is able to offer the “second opinion” concept to its patients. This way, upon patient’s request, the company can send the electronic medical file to any doctor, all over the world.

In addition, Charisma allows outsourcing the medical functions. The five tomographic computers of MedLife can be used by mid-level and auxiliary medical personnel and the interpretations of the results can be easily operated by a single doctor. Even more, the application designed for doctors allows interdisciplinary consultations, with doctors from other medical offices or towns, so that the patient can leave MedLife with the final conclusion of the investigations.

Another important feature of the software platform is the CRM application used for a correct evaluation of the marketing and sales processes. “We want to permanently monitor what type of customers we have, which are their main characteristics and behaviors, or how we should promote our services. With the medical and financial information provided by Charisma, we can easily conclude and generate the most appropriate marketing policy”.


The benefits of implementing Charisma Applications Suite were reflected not only at management level, but also at the users’ level, from those involved in the medical activity up to the commercial and administrative layers.

Regarding the medical personnel, the following achievements have to be mentioned:

  • The possibility of displaying the medical tests results in real time, no matter the laboratory that processes them;
  • The integration of the software with the analyzers allows the automatic processing of the working instructions and transmission of analyses results. This way, any possible human error is withdrawn and the delivery time of the results is significantly decreased;
  • Information, access and operation facilities for the patient are obtained, especially for doctors and partners. Any patient would be glad to access the medical history using his own handset, in a secured manner. A chronic patient, for example, can evaluate his medical situation on a regular basis, having the facility of accessing all the medical information at home, to compare the old results with the new ones - these are the main features that Charisma is providing us today, representing the foundation for other future applications for our customers;
  • Due to automation the processing time of the medical test is significantly decreased.
  • All working processes are optimized. The performed medical services can be confirmed by the doctor from the Appointments Module and the fee collection efforts are decreased due to automatic data validation; Through the Subscribers Module, the medical services of each and every subscriber can be automatically visualized, without interrogating a special database;
  • The integration of the Pharmacy Module with the hospital management one, that operates in real time the inventory management modules, allows invoicing all the items at acquisition price;
  • The repetitive fill in data for CNAS and DRG reports are automatically withdrawn.

From the management’s perspective, the following benefits were achieved:

  • Real time operational and managerial reporting, with a dynamic reports design feature;
  • The subscribers can choose any MedLife clinic  when setting an appointment;
  • The invoicing can be automatically processed towards partners (clients or suppliers), as well as the invoices registration in the financial system;
  • The system can be scheduled to automatically issue the invoices and send them via e-mail at a certain date;
  • Detailed-level reports on income and expenditure analysis dimensions;
  • User-friendly interfaces (Reception, Call Center) that are oriented towards each activity type, therefore decreasing the waiting time for the patients.

Case study revised in 2014.