Being present and informing the business partners via multiple communication channels is critical for a distributor. Regardless the office or field work of the sales persons, the distributor can benefit from modern and quick methods via Internet, such as retrieving orders or efficient communication with his/her business partners.

e-Orders module is a software solution based on a Web platform, intended to the distribution companies, that allows placing of orders to customers based on the offers published, and that makes a difference from the competitors by providing an innovative and alternate sales channel, which can be integrated with any back-office management product.

Some of the customes who use the eOrder module

Financial and operational benefits

Reducing the operational costs
Thanks to lowering the load of sales and/or customer service departments during the process of selling products to the customers, the solution significantly reduces operational costs. Additionally, the system is natively integrated with Charisma ERP solution, offering the advantages of fast communication with the company's integrated information system.

Increases the sales
The Web platform offers the advantage of a coverage area much more extended than the possibilities offered by the sales persons. The access is more easier when ordering the products both for the existing customers, as well as for the new customers harder to be reached by own sales force.

Ensures customers' loyalty
The product improves the relationship with the customers via the automatic and secure access to the information entered by the distributors, thus simplifying the searches for products and orders or other operations. Furthermore, the system offers transparency by providing any details about the issued invoices and the made payments;

Minimizing the operational and financial risk  
Thanks to increasing the accuracy in retrieving the orders via an IT system, structured and integrated with the other modules of Charisma ERP suite, the financial and operational risks are significantly decreased;

Increasing the cash-flow
By using online payment tools, the system significantly contributes to cash increase, while eliminating the traditional waiting time for cash receipt.


Advantages for customers:

  • Authentication based on username and password. The access to the portal for placing orders is done based on username and password;
  • Access to contact information. The customer can view and edit the contact data, the company identification data and contact persons;

  • Access to synthetic information about the ongoing contracts. The customer or the provider can view the content of the ongoing contracts;
  • Access to products. The customer can view the products offered for sale, which are grouped by categories;
  • Product search. The customer can search for a certain product by using the search function, without browsing through the product presentation tree structure;
  • Product view. Each product is assigned with tags such as name, product description, price, availability, stock, product image;
  • Top of products. Each customer is shown with the more often ordered products in order to allow the simple browsing through the Website;
  • Product order. A product is added to the shopping cart by selecting it and adding the desired quantity;

  • Shopping cart. The shopping cart means the details of the product, quantity and price of the products selected for being bought;
  • Sending order. The moment you want to send the order, the products already added to the shopping cart are validated by the customer;
  • Tracking order. Each order can be assigned with a status that can be changed according to the order status (pending, processing, fulfilled, delivered order);
  • Order history. The customers are shown with the already performed orders and their status;
  • Product availability alert. The customer can be notified when wanting to know if a new product is available for ordering;

  • Online payments. The application can be integrated with an online payment system, thus allowing the payment of the products ordered by then or the payment of the invoices issued for that customer;
  • Online access to any document by the customers (issued invoices, made payments) made available by the distributor, as well as the possibility for the customer to upload his/her own documents, to print them and to send them via email or fax;
  • Detailed image on the products offered for sale, so that the customers shall only select the products and the desired quantity, and validate the order;
  • Reports. The customers can be provided with various reports regarding the status of the ordered products, information that can be retrieved in real time from the distributor's back-office systems;

Advantages for the distributor / manufacturer

  • Grouping the products by product categories and subcategories. Defining product categories and subcategories is practically unlimited, the structure being a tree which enables an easy navigation;
  • Product management. Enables managing the main product tags, such as: product name, images, product code, etc.;
  • Different price list management. Based on the customer type, different price lists can be displayed for the same products;
  • Order management. Enables the notification for new order, including all the details related to the user that placed it;

  • Entering new products or offers. The distributor can enter the new products on the portal or can offer various promotions for the existing products;
  • Automatic order validation. The orders can be validated after queries related to the customer creditworthiness, according to certain internal business rules (minimum ordered quantity, maximum allowed credit, on-hold invoicing);
  • Integration with back-office systems. The Web portal integrates with back-office systems (ERP, CRM), providing a bi-directional communication. The product information (stock, prices) is regularly updated and the orders placed by customers are recorded into the internal applications;
  • Reports. Enables generating reports related to the placed orders by time periods, on purchased and viewed products, etc.;
  • Easy-to-use content management system. The portal is being managed through an user friendly interface, which enables adding, deleting and changing the Website content;

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