The online environment is becoming more and more attractive, while customers are increasingly turning their attention to companies that can satisfy their diverse needs with the help of web pages. The competition is fierce, so the companies must fight for their clients, quickly identify and implement innovative ways to capture and satisfy their needs.

The new company’s business objectives include strategies and methods aimed at improving customer retention, establishing new channels of communication with loyal customers and permanently developing new products and services. One effective method to do so is to use loyalty cards and points.
Designed to expand and enhance such loyalty programs, the online platform is available 24 / 7 and brings a smooth and attractive interface together with the advantages of an e-commerce store, partner profiling integrated methods and advanced tools for the optimization of the company’s marketing efforts.

Financial and operational benefits
  • Improves customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Improves the collaboration between customers and suppliers
  • Controls and reduces costs with customers and business partners
  • Creates and manages new business opportunities
  • Improves communication and information exchange within the company’s ecosystem: customers , suppliers, employees, partners and management.
  • Client registration and controlled and secure access based on user name and password;
  • 24/7 access to personal details; for product/service orders there are other actions available in the system;
  • View/edit client/user personal data;
  • Cumulation of points based on completed orders;
  • Use of accumulated points to purchase other products/services available;
  • View of personal loyalty card details and historical status
  • Loyalty points balance;
  • View of historical transactions and orders (collection and distribution of loyalty points on transactions, awards etc.);
  • Transfers points between frequent flyer cardholders;
  • Setting the use of loyalty points to buy standard products in the gifts catalogs;
  • Creation and use of ”shopping bag” functionalites: add, delete, persistent bag after logout, change quantities, view;
  • Displays product categories, products or other desired display structures, together with details for each level;
  • Advanced search engine by simple texts or different entities used in electronic format: category, subcategory, price range, promotion etc. ;
  • Places orders via e-mail and view order status;
  • Marketing campaigns via SMS, e-mail, social networking;
  • Integration of promotions, quizzes, games, social networking platforms for e-commerce and company customer management;
  • Alerts on products in stock and use of ”wish list” functionality.
The eLoyalty solution effectively integrates B2B and B2C type functionalities:
Self Service
Web portal, through Customer Self Service allows each client to view information of interest and to act in their own virtual space (points earned, order status, transaction history, messages etc.);
Electronic commerce
The same web portal integrates B2C functionalities: view product details and product catalogs, advanced search, order placement, use of loyalty points etc;
Provides fast and efficient tools for online marketing activities and campaigns, allowing at the same time an improved communication with the company’s clients by means of many channels: web portal inbox, email, SMS, social networks (facebook, twitter etc);
Allows a complete overview of the client, saving and managing the related events history (orders, payments, communications, messages, complaints etc); captures and manages specific customer information, which is not usually managed by an ERP system. By a proper profiling, targeted campaigns are carried out effectively, while the support process, directly connected with customer satisfaction is thoroughly controled (incidents, damaged products , money repayments, securities etc.);
Web and integration services
Represents the connectivity between the online platform, CRM and the back-office system necessary for the transmission and receipt of information about customers, products, orders, invoices, payments, loyalty points accumulated, other transactions.  The communication can be achieved through various ways: files, database server, web services etc.
Allows the definition of different entities such as portal users, products, product categories, etc. It also includes <> features, which provides the portal with a dynamic structure, layout and graphic customization without staff intervention;
Online reports
Provides analysis and reports on customer/user actions: transactions, access and history. It is integrated with Google Analytics and includes a tool for developing custom analysis reports.

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