A few years ago, a company's absence from the online environment was equivalent with its absence on the market. Then the need for relevant Website content was absolutely mandatory to keep or increase the number of visitors. Currently, the electronic trading systems via Internet (e-Commerce) play an important part in the turnover increase. But not any business is suitable to an e-commerce site.

If the sale of a company's services or products does not need the strict presence of a specialist, then you definitely need a Charisma e-Shop platform. Charisma e-Shop is an advanced software platform, especially designed to help you efficiently and profitably trade products and services in the online environment, without time or space restriction.

Some of our customers who use eShop module

Financial and operational benefits

  • Optimizes the sales and significantly increases the scope of the business by:
    • using an extremely complex, yet easy-to-use e-commerce platform, covering all the needs to customize the communication and to promote the products/services with the company's customers. The following can be used:
      • advanced filter criteria;
      • product compare mechanism;
      • checking the availability and detailed features of each product (product group, price, available accessories, photos, presentation movies);
      • creating new, customized pages without development effort based on a Content Management system;
      • shopping cart;
    • multi-store, multi-currency, multi-localization possibilities;
    • native integration with any back-office system (ERP, CRM, etc.) for a full coverage of the business management from electronic commerce and marketing to inventory management and accounting.
  • Increases customer satisfaction and ensures his/her loyalty by:
    • using loyalty points cumulated from multiple orders;
    • discounts and promotions entered for the sold products with the possibility of early notification based on alerts;
    • various payment possibilities, including secure and fast online payment based on bank card;
    • permanent access to most desired products or services, to the history of the current user's views, as well as synthetic information about the placed orders and payment status;
    • quick information both by querying the Web portal and via regular messaging channels (e-mail, SMS, fax, newsletter); there is the possibility to set automatic notifications on the payment terms or the availability of a product/promotion;
    • online printing the interest documents: placed orders, payment confirmations;
    • posting problems or claims in a simple manner, with the possibility to check the their progress at any time;
    • privacy and protection of the personal data and performed transactions.
  • Increases the efficiency of the marketing efforts because it:
    • customizes pages, advertising posters, information and the content of Charisma e-Shop portal in order to become relevant to the connected customer;
    • collects marketing data with the help of an unlimited number of surveys that can be conducted; the achieved statistics can be published in order to be queried by the Website users;
    • enables cross-selling and up-selling by communicating promotions and posting advertising materials divided by user category;
    • improves the delivery of confirmation messages or reminders to customers with the help of own Messaging Gateway service for sending messages in e-mail, SMS, MMS or fax format.
  • Total cost of ownership and quick return on investment, thanks to the user-friendly and easy-to-manage platform, as well as thanks to decreasing the internal costs, increasing the speed of the market launch process for products and services, the advantage brought by the profitability analysis by product category or customer.

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