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TotalSoft Services expands RepublicA, the online platform for software developers to connect, share and be inspired

Bucharest, Romania, February 13, 2015 –  TotalSoft Services, the software division of TotalSoft - the leading software exporter in Romania, expands RepublicA, the online community dedicated to software developers.  TotalSoft Services is an international provider of applications and enterprise solutions developer with focus on services, telecom and manufacturing verticals.
RepublicA, the virtual space, initially designed for internal purpose, became a location for the IT community to network, share ideas and find answers to questions related to technical impediments. In the spirit of building communities together, a Techademy is up and running, offering trainings, presentations, tutorials, guidelines, best practices. Another important element of ReplublicA is the dynamic section, dedicated to questions and answers.

“The latest technologies and best-practices are the main drivers of the way we do business, therefore we want to create a space that will allow developers to connect with each other, share technical tips& tricks while also providing a solid learning base,” states Silviu Cretean, TotalSoft Services Director. “At TotalSoft Services, we work hard every day to develop more performant software solutions and help our customers be more successful in using it. We believe that RepublicA, the new platform, will help us improve our knowledge of what our users need as much as it will help them get the information and connections they are looking for.”

The concept is sustained by the most representative technical publishers like OReilly, Manning, InformIT, Apress or Packt Publishing, by well-known online training providers such as Pluralsight, SCRUMstudy, Campus MVP, and by some software producers like RavenDB, Redgate, JetBrains, Telerik, SpecFlow or Innovartis. Special thanks for great supporters of community initiatives like Ari Lerner, Simon Brown, Oren Eini and others.

The goal of the platform is to provide users with useful information on the latest technologies used in the software development and find solutions for discovered technical issues. Nevertheless, it is a location that centralizes the practical and theoretical experiences of their members, as well as the training materials created by the TotalSoft Services Division’s employees. Within RepublicA, users will find forums for discussions on technical knowledge meant to help them easily find out what they are trying to find. The community will be a central location to attend webinars (organized on a monthly basis and managed by experts from TotalSoft Services team) and join the conversations.

For more information visit: http://republica.totalsoftservices.com/


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