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TotalSoft ranks first among top Romanian ERP providers for the second consecutive year

Bucharest, 4th of October, 2011

TotalSoft, the Charisma ERP system provider, ranked first place among the Romanian ERP solutions providers, according to “ERP Romania 2011. Analysis and trends of the ERP software products and related services” study, published on 30th of September, by Pierre Audoin Consultants, the Market Research and Consultancy Company.
The study outcomes indicate a 14% increase in TotalSoft’s market share considering the overall ERP market stagnation around 100M Euro. The Company recorded the highest license growth among top 5 providers, namely 16%, while in terms of service provision TotalSoft still ranks first, with a double amount compared to the next provider in the top.
“The Romanian ERP solutions market is atypical, its specificity takes into consideration customers and prospects need to adapt software to their current businesses, and not vice versa, as it happens in more mature markets. Thus, only pre-configured solutions and very flexible solutions are successful. In this context, TotalSoft benefited most from this type of requests and has always had aggressive sales and marketing, as well as financial support” states Eugen Schwab Chesaru, Managing Director, PAC Romania.
With a 22,45M euro turnover in 2010, out of which over 14M euro resulting from the provision of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions on the Romanian market, TotalSoft managed to consolidate its position as a market leader, outrunning for the second consecutive year worldwide B2B software providers.
“I am very content with this result, which confirms an exceptional year for TotalSoft, but also a year of great internal efforts behind these results. Currently, we are undergoing a complex internal process of maturation to successfully deliver on Western markets. We plan to activate a network of implementing partners in foreign markets, open a subsidiary in a Western market, move our sales strategies towards medium and large accounts, develop cloud solutions for SMEs, simplify interfaces and develop new Charisma modules to help users interact in a friendlier way with the product and upgrade technologies. I am confident that TotalSoft is able to become one of the most respected ERP providers at European level.” States Liviu Dragan, CEO TotalSoft.
According to Pierre Audoin Consultants officials, 2010 was a second year of crisis for the local ERP market, characterized by very small revenues from services, and partially offset by increased sales of software products. However, PAC estimations foresee a market recovery starting with 2012, when a reactivation of major delayed or cancelled projects, together with the resumption of employment by major IT&C market players. Also, a major role will be played by the possibility of SMEs to access EU funds for the implementation of ERP solutions. The program launched this month will end in March 2012 and has a budget of over 65m Euros.
Charisma ERP has a portfolio of over 700 domestic companies and 60 multinational groups, companies whose aggregate turnover exceeds 25% of Romania's GDP. The product is implemented in 13 European countries and is the only Romanian B2B software implemented in a Western market, but also in Africa.

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