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TotalSoft is ready to deliver applications in cloud

Bucharest, 19 June 2013

TotalSoft, the leading ERP supplier in Romania, is ready to deliver cloud applications and offers its customers in the healthcare sector the opportunity to opt for this alternative. The offer comes with all the financial and operational benefits associated, including high data security and protection against disasters.
Cloud computing is a timely concept, with multiple benefits, from the elimination of the initial investment (physical servers and licenses for Windows Server) and the transition to a monthly payment for annual subscription-based services, to the flexibility of hiring these resources of cloud computing according to the business needs. Thus, a customer can size the needed resources by the seasonality of its business, actually paying for just as much as it is used. Data is stored in centers with a high degree of safety, guaranteed through the contract by the cloud supplier, and the space required for data storage can be rented as needed, at any given time.
The cloud provider chosen by TotalSoft is Microsoft, through its Windows Azure platform, with data centers across the globe, including in the European Union. All TotalSoft customers who will opt for cloud solutions will benefit from the added safety without any extra effort.
The live presentation of all Charisma solutions available through the Windows Azure platform will take place during the event “TotalSoft Days”, one of the largest B2B events in Romania.

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