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TotalSoft introduces Charisma Registration Desk, a software solution that streamlines the registration activities


Bucharest, 24th of March, 2011 

TotalSoft, member of Global Finance and one of the major software companies in Romania, announces the launching of Charisma Registration Desk, a software solution aimed at streamlining the registration activities of companies, regardless of their size or activity field. The product tracks, simplifies and automates all documents that entry, exit or move within the organization.
To retrieve and automate the registration of as many types of documents as possible, the system interfaces with other applications such as customer relationship management (CRM), debt recovery (Collection), management of goods recovered (Repossession) or Legal systems, assigning registration numbers automatically generated by these. For example, in case of a notification letter, issued by the CRM system, it connects to Charisma Registration Desk and gets a registration number that is then incorporated into the document; the system is able to automatically assign, according to the registration number, a possible response from the client.
Charisma Registration Desk is a software product developed on Microsoft SharePoint technology that enjoys an exceptional flexibility, being targeted to companies with an extensive correspondence, such as those active on banking, financial services, public institutions, postal or telecom markets.
TotalSoft completes its offer of business solutions that address both Romanian and international markets, the company’s portfolio being expected to generate a consolidated turnover of over 25 million Euros this year.
Charisma Registration Desk is natively integrated with applications of Charisma Business Suite such as Charisma Collection, Charisma ERP and Charisma CRM. For a free demo of the application please visit http://www.charisma.ro/demo. 

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