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TotalSoft extended the agricultural software package

Bucharest, 16th of January 2013

TotalSoft, the no. 1 ERP provider in Romania, announces the extension of the agricultural software package designed to simplify and streamline businesses of farmers - Charisma Solutions for Agriculture. Action programming, planning and management of materials, equipment and activities of a specific agricultural year (plowing, sowing, herbicides or harvesting) are now supplemented by graphical cadastral maps and traceability of daily operations.
TotalSoft proposes farmers a complete software solution that allows them to record the coordinates of plots grown at farm, crop year or crop field levels and display areas corresponding to cadastral map format. In addition, they can track daily operations performed within these units, i.e. the actual consumption of resources for each class of normal execution technology resources afferent to each operation.
Charisma Solutions for Agriculture now allows recording information about the vegetation, crop assessment, rainfall, irrigation or other operations statuses.
For farmers, planning and managing spring campaigns are very important tasks with significant impact in achieving yields and profits. Thus, timely planning and implementation of tasks are carefully thought out by farmers, from the farm equipment preparation to execution of fertilization, plowing and sowing. The automation and streamlining of such processes with a software solution help farmers enhance their objectives and profits.
After identifying specific needs in this area, TotalSoft launched a software package that supports agricultural farmers through graphical and tabular reports of the working points scattered throughout the country. Charisma Solutions for Agriculture tracks the progress of operations and costs in real time and provides profitability analyses at cost center /profit levels (farm, field, plot, culture and so on).
The package includes multiple components such as farm resource management (Charisma ERP), performance indicators analysis (Charisma Analyzer), fleet management (Charisma Fleet Management) document archiving (Charisma Document Management) and human resource and payroll administration (Charisma HCM), all adapted to agricultural companies.
For a free demo, please access http://www.charisma.ro/demo.

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