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TotalSoft announces the availability of two new solutions on iPad

Bucharest, 23rd of May, 2011
TotalSoft, the regional software provider and member of Global Finance, announces the availability on Apple iOS platform of two new mobile solutions that are dedicated to the medical field. The two new products address the local market, where the majority of private medical institutions are already using Charisma Medical Software, as well as the international market, where relevant studies show a greater potential for the adoption of medical mobile solutions.
Charisma Mobile Medical Software is an on-line system, especially designed for iPad tablets, that provides mobility, financial and non-financial information to managers of medical units, laboratories and hospitals, with multiple locations or business lines and in different geographical areas. Thus, hospital, clinic or laboratory managers can make smart decisions, having access by means of an iPad, to comparative analysis (budgeted vs. done) for each medical unit, exact situation of prepaid contracts, report of mostly requested services or doctors’ schedules on each location.
The information is automatically retrieved from the information systems that manage the medical institution’s activity. Charisma Mobile Medical Software can be integrated with TotalSoft’s solutions such as Charisma Medical Software and Charisma ERP, as well as other similar systems.
The second application, Charisma Mobile EMR is dedicated exclusively to the medical personnel. The product is aimed at easing their access to the electronic medical records (EMR) of all patients, analysis outcomes and diagnoses, regardless of the patient’s position (emergency unit, room or any other place within the medical unit). Thus, doctors can easily get information about patients’ statuses, updated anytime, during or after an appointment, any data recorded in the informaton system of the institution.
TotalSoft is the only Romanian company certified in the Apple Enterprise Application Developer program. This certification allows the company to directly distribute applications and updates of the products developed without being published in the AppStore platform, for an unlimited number of mobile devices. Thus, a customer will receive upgrades or improved versions of the products previously purchased as soon as the manufacturer provides them.
If the mobile device is stolen, there are various methods for protecting and recovering data, including an automatic blocking system or remote data deletion through a web application made available by Apple. In case of loss of mobile device, users can locate it on a map through GPS.

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