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Any use of this site confirms that you have read and unconditionally agree with the Legal Terms. If you do not agree (totally or partially) with these Legal Terms, we request that you not use this site.

If you have any questions regarding the Legal Terms for using this site, please contact Total Soft at legal@totalsoft.ro. If you have any other questions, the contact information is available on the site's contact page.

This site provides you access to information protected by copyright laws, information such as documents, products, services, studies and analyses of third parties, that can be used only with the express consent of all parties involved.


Legal Terms represent all terms presented on this page. Any access and use of information from this site represents your unconditional consent.

Documents represent any grouping of information in this site, taken as a whole or as a part.

Unauthorized access is any access or access attempt of this site's content in a manner that is not authorized by these Legal Terms or by other contract you might have with TotalSoft.

Software is any program that can be interpreted by a computer, regardless of its destination and context of use.

Spam is any mass message not requested by its recipient. Commercial communications that comply with the applicable Romanian law represent an exception.

Forum means a discussion group, a communication area, an information desk, letters to TotalSoft or its employees, or any other means by which you can send, post or publish messages.

Terms and Conditions

1. Use of documents and information
You can access, download, copy and print documents posted on the site, including images and schedules included in these documents, such as press releases, market analyses, product descriptions or technical support materials under the following conditions: (1) Documents can be used for personal, non-commercial purposes only, for your personal information; and (2) Documents CAN NOT be modified under any circumstances. Except for a well-intended usage method, for informational purposes, you are not allowed to use, download, copy, print, reproduce, license or distribute these Documents or any other site content without a written notice from TotalSoft SA.

2. Use of the software
Any software you access, use or download through the site, as well as the software associated documentation, is protected by the copyright law and belongs to TotalSoft SA or other suppliers. The use of software is regulated by the licensing agreement included in the installation agreement. The use, reproduction and redistribution of software is strictly forbidden, except for other cases regulated by the licensing agreement. Any rights or interests not expressly warranted through the licensing agreement are reserved.

3. Use of the forum
You agree not to send, post or publish on forums any type of message that: (a) is fake or misleading; (b) is defamatory for a company or persons within a company; (c) attacks a person's private rights or promotes racism; (d) is obscene; (e) infringes the rights of third parties, individuals or legal entities, including, but not limited to, intellectual property rights; (f) represents messages that were not requested, “junk mail” or “spam”; or (g) violates any applicable law.

The forum must be used only for non-commercial purposes. You are not allowed to send, post, publish or distribute messages containing requests for money, promotions, advertising or goods and services. You agree not to request any site users to use or become members of another company's online or offline service. Except for the situations expressly authorized by TotalSoft SA, you agree not to collect or hold personal information belonging to other site users.

TotalSoft SA does not have the obligation of monitoring the Forum or of participating in the Forum. TotalSoft SA reserves the right to review the content of the Forum and remove any message without written notice.

4. Passwords and areas with restricted access

Accessing and using areas with password access is restricted to users that are authorized to enter the respective areas. You are not allowed to give away access passwords, user information or access rights to these areas. You are directly responsible for maintaining the privacy of the password and user information, as well as the privacy of all activities developed based on your password and your access rights. You agree to immediately notice TotalSoft SA for any unauthorized use of your password or user rights.

TotalSoft SA is directly interested in the protection of personal information that we collect and has taken all commercially reasonable measures to prevent non-authorized access to your information.

5. Lawful use
You agree not to use the site for any purpose outside the law or forbidden by the rules set out in these Legal Terms. You are not allowed to access or use the site in a manner that could affect, destroy, disable or overload any TotalSoft SA account, system or network. You will not try to access without authorization the secured areas or any other area of TotalSoft SA accounts, systems or network. You are not allowed to use automated tools such as robots, spiders or scrapers to access TotalSoft SA accounts, systems or network.

Users who try to break the security of this site, of the TotalSoft SA systems or networks or partners can be sued at the Civil Law and Criminal Law Court.

6. Access locking
You agree that TotalSoft can unidirectionally block your access to the site, including the Forums, and to any user account that could be related to the site.

7. Information, products and services belonging to third parties
The site offers links to other sites and to content belonging to third parties, including site users, promoters, affiliates and sponsors. You agree that TotalSoft is not responsible for the availability and content offered by these sites. Please read the Legal Terms of those sites, regarding the privacy policies and other usage clauses.

If you wish to access, download or use any product and service offered by a third party, your direct relationship will be with that party. You agree that TotalSoft is not responsible for: (a) the quality of products and services provided by third parties; (b) complying with the clauses in the seller agreements, including the delivery of products and services or the warranty of these products and services. You agree that TotalSoft is not responsible for any loss or problem occurring after the commitments with a third party.

 8. Responsibility transfer
The site and all documents, materials, information, software, products and services on the site are provided "as is". Totalsoft is not responsible in any way for the product warranty or for ensuring a specific functionality or capability.

Totalsoft does not guarantee that: (a) the site will meet your expectations; (b) the site will be permanently reachable, will operate without interruptions, is perfectly secured and cannot have errors; (c) the content, documents, materials, information, software, products and services provided through the site are correct and come from reliable sources; or (d) that the quality of any document, material, information, software, product or service accessed or purchased through the site will fulfill your requirements.

Any document, material, information, software, product or service downloaded or achieved in any other way from the site is at your own discretion and risk. Totalsoft sa will have no responsibility for damages in your systems or data loss that may occur after the download or use of these documents, materials, information, software, products or services.
Totalsoft sa reserves the right to modify or update the site at any moment, without any previous notice.

9. Limitation of Liability
Totalsoft sa will not be responsible in any way for any direct, indirect, accidental or consequential damage that may lead to the loss of profit, revenues, data or use by you or third parties due to the access or use of the site or of any document, material, information, software, product or service downloaded or achieved by using this site.

10. Privacy Policy
TotalSoft SA is directly interested in maintaining data privacy and has developed internal policies dedicated to data privacy.

By accessing this site, you agree that TotalSoft SA will use, for marketing and sales purposes, the data you deliberately provide by filling in a form or fields on this site.

TotalSoft SA has implemented and uses Display Advertising by using Google Analytics features such as Remarketing. Visitors of the website can opt-out of Google Analytics for Display Advertising and customize Google Display Network ads using the Ads Preferences Manager. Also, they can make use of Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on.

The accessing of this site and the activity that takes place on it is permanently monitored by TotalSoft SA, and the collected information may be used for improving this service.

11. Access of minors
Minors are not eligible to use this site and we ask them not to submit any kind of information to us.

12. Modification of this agreement
TotalSoft SA reserves the right to modify this agreement without a personal notification to the visitors. Any modification shall become effective at the time of its publication in this site section.

13. Force Majeure
TotalSoft SA is exonerated of any responsibility if the infringement of an obligation was caused by force majeure, as defined by law.

14. Choice of Law
This agreement is governed by the applicable Romanian law. Any dispute shall be brought to the court of law under the jurisdiction of which TotalSoft SA is.

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